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Want to know how to use Marvel Contest of Champions hack for free Gold and Units? You’re in for a treat!

Back in the good ol’ days, you had to sit in front of an archaic, bloated screen and view some pixelated images do some barely-decipherable actions. It was inconvenient, time-consuming, and, at times, rather dull. But, it was all you had.

Today, the case is no longer the same, and, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, you can play games with cutting-edge graphics, immersive gameplay, and interesting storylines anywhere and at any time on your mobile phone.

Case in point? Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC), which has over fifty million downloads on the Android Play Store alone.

But, as is the case with any popular online game, it is fiercely competitive and leveling up is difficult when every other player is preventing you from doing that.

But, since when has life been a level playing field? Did your co-worker apologize to you for ratting you out and getting a promotion? Did your classmate feel sorry for cheating on a test and topping it?

Compared to these moral and ethical transgressions, hacking a game for a little pleasure is the equivalent of swatting a fly.

So, to help you with Contest of Champions a little, here’s a useful Marvel Contest of Champions cheats guide to get more Units and Gold.

Leveling up in the game can be a tiresome task and, in our opinion, defeats the purpose of gaming, which is enjoyment!

So, without further ado, let’s get to the hack itself. No viruses, no surveys, 100% working, guaranteed!

Follow these steps to use the free Marvel Contest of Champions cheats: 

  1. Fire up your browser and visit
  2. Enter your Contest of Champions username in the provided field, select the platform you play on (Android or iOS) and press ‘Proceed.’
  3. You will be taken to a page where you will have to decide how many Units and how much Gold you want. Choose your desired amount (between 250,000 and a million) and click ‘Generate.’
  4. A pop-up will ask you to verify your username, and you’ll have to download one of three apps to authenticate yourself.
  5. Download one of the three apps by clicking on it and installing it from your app store.
  6. Open the downloaded app and use it for a while. It’s best to use it for a while as it takes time for the system to determine whether your username is genuine or not.
  7. That’s it! Close the app, open Contest of Champions, and hey presto, you have your Gold and Units!

What are Units and Gold in Contest of Champions? 

Contest of Champions is a freemium game (the word is an amalgamation of ‘free’ and ‘premium,’ which is pretty self-explanatory).

However, developers have to earn money somehow, as creating a game costs hundreds of thousands (even millions) of dollars, so unless the developers are interested in charity, the game will recover costs from you somehow.

Contest of Champions follows the typical freemium model of IAPs (in-app purchases), which means that if you want more Units and Gold, you will have to pay the developers some real money via the app itself.

So, if these Units and this Gold dare to demand some of your hard-earned cash, you should at least know what you’re paying for, right?

Don’t worry; now that you know about Marvel Contest of Champions hack, we’ll tell you all you need to know about Units and Gold.

Contest of Champions Units: Units are essential to playing Contest of Champions as they help you unlock new arenas, which in turn opens up new levels They’re earned by playing the game in ‘Versus’ and ‘Arena’ modes.

Contest of Champions Gold: Gold is won in the game from the aforementioned ‘Arena’ mode and Golden Crystals as well. Gold is rarer than Units in the game and can be used for leveling your characters up and for ranking up yourself.

About Marvel Contest of Champions

Before we tell you about Marvel Contest of Champions cheats, let’s tell you a little about the game itself.

The game is associated with Marvel studios, the world-famous production house famous for spawning universally-known characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America, etc.

The game was launched back in 2014, and back then, it wasn’t half as famous as it is today. It is developed by Kabam, a Canadian production house which is behind other massively popular games like Transformers: Forged to Fight and Star Wars: Uprising.

Today, though, the game has over 50 million downloads on Android Play Store itself, and as it is loosely based on a comic book series, it has been an enormous hit among superhero buffs.

There are several characters to choose from in this game, and your task is to assemble the most kick-ass team and play your way up the levels.

To make things interesting, each of the characters has their pros and cons, and to make things even more interesting, the game has a seamless multiplayer experience, meaning you can compete with players around the world!

Of course, like most multiplayer games today, there are multiple options to connect with players and make good friends (or sworn enemies) with them, including forming Alliances.

If there’s one thing you need to know about Contest of Champions, it’s a light, fun and engrossing game that’ll keep you entertained for long (that is, until you need more Units and Gold and come to the hack!).



Video games are a sketchy prospect for designers. They have to nail the hammer on the head because even the slightest detail missed has the potential to render the game a flop.

Fortunately, Kabam and Marvel have nailed this game and it is an absolute joy to play after using this Marvel Contest of Champions hack.