Your back pain has recently become unbearable and you are considering buying a massage chair or visiting a massage therapist to get some relief. You have had back problems before, but the pain seems to be getting worse. As you do your research, you find the differences between the two, which helps you determine which method is best for you.


Cost of a Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist

If you are considering purchasing a great massage chair, the cost could be as little three hundred dollars to over ten thousand dollars, depending upon the type of chair you are looking for. There are many different types of chairs that offer features like 3D, heat and the ability to recline backwards, which helps relieve the pressure on your back and joints. However, doing your research and looking at customer reviews will be important if you are going to get a great deal. Also keep in mind that this is a one time payment and the chair can be used for many years to come.

On the other hand if you decide to see a massage therapist, you will get the personal touch that a chair cannot give you. The massage therapist can also give you advice on how to do exercises that will strengthen your back muscles and relieve the pain. And while advice and counseling will come along with the massage therapist, so will a hefty pay by the hour price that will continue for as long as the massage therapist is needed. It is not a one time cost. Many people visit massage therapists at least once per week and depending upon how chronic your pain is, this may be you. And while the average pay rate for a good massage therapist is between forty dollars and eighty dollars per hour, there are also other fees that include commission which will add to your cost. As you begin to think long term care, the cost for visiting a massage therapist weekly could become very expensive.


Reach of a Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist

If you are considering purchasing a massage chair think about the reach that it will have regarding getting to the areas that truly need a massage. The massage chair is a stable piece of equipment that is unmovable. It may or may not be able to get to the small of the back or in the neck area to truly massage the muscles that are needed to give you relief.

If you decide to visit a massage therapist, the reach of the therapist is probably greater. You will be able to pinpoint areas that you would like your massage therapist to target. You can let your therapist know which parts of your body that have been hurting most. This could prove to be beneficial, particularly if the area is more difficult to reach.


Advice or Counseling

One of the things that a massage chair does not offer is the ability to counsel you on your massage needs. While the chair can give you temporary comfort, it is unable to give you advice or counseling on how to keep your body in shape or what foods to eat to reduce inflammation which may be causing the pain.

A great massage therapist will perform a body massage and then answer any questions that you may have. You will build a relationship with your massage therapist that can be beneficial for long term care. Having a support system with your massage therapist may put you more at ease, should a real pain crisis occur.