If you have invested everything, (your sweat, hard work and tears) to your business, it is important that your business is protected and keeping it safe should be top of your priority list. You can have the best surveillance cameras, but without a great surveillance software to buoy the management of these cameras, it is safe to say your efforts would be useless. There are a few licensed providers of a wireless surveillance system and we are one of them, we have the solutions to protect your business at all costs.

With our state-of-the-art surveillance software, we’d give you access to a rare experience for your residential or commercial surveillance needs in several ways. Our software can be used by either home, companies/businesses, the surveillance software combines both video surveillance with physical control and also wireless options.

We have worked with leading brands in the industry to make the surveillance process the best you’ve used. By using and integrating this surveillance software into your security infrastructure, you rest assured that your business and home is protected reliably.


Monitoring software

Network monitoring is an important computing function that offers a multitude of benefits to homes, businesses and organizations of all sizes. It saves money, improves your staff performance and productivity, including saving infrastructure costs and is very strategic. It includes monitoring and reporting problems round the clock all year long. It helps in optimizing data access and flow, in a complex and evolving environment.

A network software system helps solve a variety of problems, which includes but not limited to the following: slow downloads of web pages, lost emails, suspicious user activity, file delivery caused by a server which crashed or is overloaded and connectivity issues.

There is no type of network which cannot be monitored. It does not matter if it’s a wired or wireless, a business, a VPN or a service provider WAN, etc. You may monitor any device in various operating systems with a variety of features, from smartphones, servers, switches and even routers.


Some reasons why having a monitoring software is important

  • Optimize the reliability of the network

The simplest function of any network monitoring solution is indicating if a device is working or not (e.g. a router, server, switch or a database, etc.)

  • Visibility and control

When you have the complete visibility of your software and hardware, you are sure of the health of your network.

  • Understand your network capacity and increase performance

As network utilization increases, additional equipment and bandwidth must be planned in anticipation of an increased demand.


Why a Keylogger Is Highly Essential

A keylogger is either a software program or a hardware device which records the activity of a computer user in real time, including the keyboard keys as it is being pressed.

Keyloggers are often used by IT organizations to solve technical problems involving computers and commercial networks. The Keylogger software may also be used by families (or companies) to monitor the use of the network of people even without them knowing; they may sometimes be used as a part of the parental control for users on a home or private network.


Why you need a keylogger on your network

  • Criminal acts and stealing is stopped

Even a small transaction problem can lead to many other problems. With so many offers made in business and companies, it is difficult for you to check them all (as an employer). Some employees could take advantage of this and engage in transactions to keep some of your money.

  • There is no more wasting of time

One of the problems that come up regularly as an employer is that employees spend most of their time watching videos and socializing on social media, and there is almost nothing you can do about it.

  • Performance optimization

Now that your employees know that every keystroke they make and their other activities are always been recorded, they will do extra with the intention to impress. The more they spend time working, the better for you and the growth of your business.