Using Spying Apps to Monitor Your Child’s Phone

While it can be admitted that spying on your child’s phone is not right and ethical, for some parents it needs to be done. In this generation, almost every kid has a phone. Whether they are 5 years old or 13 or 16. Parents tend to give their kids cell phones and desktops to keep them busy and fascinated by technology. However, things start taking a wrong turn when your kids discover the dark side of the internet.

For young people and adolescents, a cell phone or the internet is the only way to stay in touch with the on-goings of this world. It is also the main way to keep in touch with your friends and romantic partners. At this day and age, checking your child’s phone is often interpreted as a serious breach of privacy. However, this interpretation is wrong since adolescents and your young kids may not really be aware of the dangers of the internet. Which is why it is so important to monitor your children or have a serious talk about cyber crime and digital security. Parents often question themselves whether or not to spy through their child’s phone. The following are some questions a parent asks themselves when thinking about monitoring their kid’s phones through spying apps:

  • Is it better to monitor my child or teach them appropriate behavior and how to behave online? Even if you decide to monitor your child’s phone with spying apps ,it is still important to teach your child the appropriate manners in how to behave online. Your child should know what is appropriate to share, what kind of online language is ethical and decent, etc. After you give your child the appropriate education, you can then decide whether you still want to monitor your child or not.
  • Should I trust my child? Have a strong and open relationship with your child. Your child will usually come up to you and own up to their mistakes. Always try to be aware of the on-goings in your child’s life and stay in the loop. Your child will want to tell you about their life themselves.
  • Ask yourself whether your kid is nature enough. As already said, the internet has a dark side. Some kids may understand it while others may not. It may be a good idea to monitor your child’s phone if you know that they do not understand the internet as well as other people. It can help make sure that your child does not share anything inappropriate or whether he/she is in contact with creepy strangers.
  • Should I draw a line when monitoring my child? There are different kevels on monitoring. Some parents may only check the websites their kids use while some may want to check the texts and emails as well. Some parents like to monitor their child through their social media site. Whereas some may want the ID’s passwords and emails.

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