Nowadays, people are becoming more and more demanding, as the availability and the demands of the multimedia world increase more and more. It is now absolutely normal to watch videos and films from Netflix and Amazon Prime on your mobile phones and tablets.

The permanent and uninterrupted availability has accustomed users and consumers to an almost unmanageable media world in which the media user is completely in focus. The increase in the number of new stations as well as offers in the area of public and private television stations is unmistakable and shows a great demand for these offers. Above all the independent temporal use of various transmitters and media, as for example by video on demand solution make it possible to provide an ideal entertainment program for the user. Video on demand solutions, event streams or livestreams are a big challenge for the providers. All errors must be prevented. Particularly in the event of reduced performance or outages, this can result in high losses for the company. This applies above all to media agencies or companies for which media services are of great business importance. Disruptions, such as the failure of a live broadcast, can lead to a loss of credibility.

Imagine that the livestream of a Pay-TV station, which is broadcasting a football match, breaks down completely. This would not only make the customer, but also the media partners very unhappy. The biggest damage, however, would be done to the image of the company, because the customer’s dissatisfaction usually manifests itself in a very poor customer feedback on the company’s own website, as well as on social media. In such a case, the web performance would have failed completely. Likewise, the support hotline would suffer due to a clearly increased occurrence of telephone calls. In the end, the whole issue can result in a loss of the company’s ability to continue as a going concern, which in the final analysis also represents a reason for early cancellation on the part of the end consumer due to non-fulfilment of service obligations.

Therefore it is very important to pay attention to a perfect guarantee of the media offer of a supplier. Particularly when it comes to professional media provision, optimal competence should be taken into account when selecting a media provider. Here one should pay attention to many factors. Because beside a usual Stream offer on a PC the supply is very important on different terminals. The basic idea of streaming should enable the user to have completely unrestricted access at any location.