Buying a pair of winter boots is not as simple as it seems. You have to put an extra effort to be able to get a boot that is comfortable and that will keep you warm and dry. These boots come in a wide range of style and feel. This article intends to discuss 5 tips for selecting these boots so that you make an informed buying decision.

Although it is not easy to list all types of winter boots out there. Here are a few: Pac boots, winter hiking boots, sip-on-boots, and so on.

Below are the most important things to consider before buying.


This is definitely the number one reason you go looking for winter boots. It is the best comparison feature to help you choose the most suitable boots. Good news, most boots have a tag that states what temperature they work best. If you are going to be out in the cold, make sure the boots you buy have a good insulation. Along with this tip, consider the environment, activities and the socks you will be wearing.


Fitting and Size

When choosing winter boots, you should be cautious of the size and how it fits. You do not want a loose or very tight fitting boot. As much as the pair might serve you with warmth and dryness, it won’t be comfortable walking in for long distances.

To make sure you get properly fitting boots, it is advisable to try them on with the intended pair of socks. Wiggle your toes at the same time to be sure they fit well. The type of lace used will also determine how the boots fit.


An inner insulating material is a must have for winter boots. These material help to trap heat and keep you warm. The boots designs have different types of insulating materials. The most common types of insulating materials available include; Primaloft, Thinsulate, Heatseeker, Omniheat, Zylex and M Select WARM. They are offered by different brands. As much as they all provide excellent warmth and water resistance, they differ in price and durability.


The weight of the boot is also a factor to consider. Weight will matter most when you are planning to spend the day out hiking than when you will be walking around the house.


Water resistance

Cold water is everywhere during winter. The boots should protect you from this. Getting a waterproof pair of boots will keep water out. To get this right, give attention to the outer material.

Other tips for selecting the perfect winter boots worth mentioning;

Height of the boot – the size of the sole is something to consider. This plays a role in keeping you warm and dry. It is highly recommended to buy high calf boots that cover the whole foot – very healthy and fashionable at the same time.

Grip/Traction – Snow poses a high risk for Slip and fall accidents. Getting a pair of boots with a good grip is therefore an excellent choice.

In conclusion, make sure you buy boots that have a good score. Along with these tips for selecting perfect winter boots, make sure that the price is worth the product. Inspect the inside and outside of the boots. Ensure they have a well-attached sole and good stitching.