The post pandemic world doesn’t seem fit without a working, high quality and fast internet. With most of the work shifting to the virtual realm it only seems fair and progressive to have a good quality working internet to get the job done.

Mesh Wi-Fi

With developing technologies, the world now has to offer a much more refined and progressive Wi-Fi system, upgraded and equally equipped to tackle the modern day internet issues. The Mesh Wi-Fi is able to provide a considerably higher amount of benefits as compared to your regular Wi-Fi module.

The Mesh Wi-Fi or the whole home Wi-Fi system consists of the following set of Equipment

  • A router that is connected directly to your modem
  • A set of satellite modules, nodes and wireless equipment that is strategically placed all around your property and connected directly to the main router through a seamless wireless connection.
  • The satellite modules and nodes are connected directly with the router and the modem and act as little transformers that boost and aid a buffer-free connection all around your property

The advantages of having Mesh-Wi-Fi

Cost Effective

Since setting up a Mesh Wi-Fi system is wireless, it does not require an extra cost on the process of setting up wires. Instead you can save up a lot of money by setting up a Mesh system since it automatically heals itself. The Mesh Wi-F system has been meticulously designed to self-heal in a way that it finds the best route for connection when a certain node has been blocked. The Mesh Wi-Fi is low maintenance and allows you a faster internet speed as compared to the regular Wi-Fi systems.

Optimized speed

With the help of nodes and satellite modules you can optimize the speed of the internet. This means that with more nodes and modules you will be able to get impeccable speed fuss-free.

Easy to install

Mesh Wi-Fi is absolutely easy to install and uninstall. Since they don’t use wires for configuration it is considerably easy to have them installed over and inside large properties. They work best in outdoor, transportation and warehouse venues because of the way they are built and installed.

Best for Non-Line of Sight Configurations

The Mesh Wi-Fi works immensely great in a NLSC environment where the wireless network is intermittently disturbed or hindered. With the use of multiple nodes the wireless system is able to self-configure and find its way around nodes to reach the system.

Companies like Divitel are able to provide impeccable Mesh Wi-Fi systems with easy installations and cost effective plan. You will be able to save up a ton of money by signing up for a Mesh Wi-Fi system since it allows you a considerably faster speed, optimized functionality, wireless and fuss free connections. Especially considering the modern day necessity of a good quality-speed optimized internet connection, you will be flabbergasted at the amount of ease a Mesh System will be able to bring in to your life. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and connect with the rest of world seamlessly!