Have you heard about Bootstrap? If you are familiar with web designing, you have likely heard of Bootstrap. However, if you don’t know about it, you will not be alone. There are many people who don’t know a thing about bootstrap.

For those who are new or don’t know about bootstrap, it is a famous CSS, HTML, and JS framework used for creating mobile-first and responsive projects on the web. This will allow you to quickly build a prototype for your ideas or even an app.

Though many people think it is extremely easy and simple to use Bootstrap, they end making common mistakes. This is because they rush into the framework. To help you avoid these mistakes and get most out of the framework, we have listed common mistakes made by web designers when using Bootstrap.

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Use Every Feature Bootstrap Provides

One of the top mistakes made by almost every web designer is trying to use every feature Bootstrap offers. Bootstrap is a comprehensive framework; it provides plenty of CSS and HTML designs, UI elements, and JS plugins.

You should always use the features that you need for web designing. It is advised to be selective when it comes to plugins. Keep in mind, not use every plugin just because it looks cool and nice.

Overdoing your website using bootstrap is extremely easy. So, you have to be extra careful when designing a website.

For instance, you have not included bootstrap.js file and you use CSS and HTML for making a site. You must only include related plugins. It is suggested to add components one by one.


Thinking You Don’t Need a Designer

When you are using Bootstrap, many people think they don’t need a designer. Though you won’t need a designer to make a website, you might need one to make your site look unique. This is because all the websites of Bootstrap look similar. With the help of a designer, you will be able to build a different and unique site.


Will Not Need CSS

There is a common misconception that you will not need to know CSS when using Bootstrap. Every developer needs to have basic knowledge of HTML5 and CSS. Bootstrap is eliminating the challenging part of CSS and providing default styling. Still, you will need to understand CSS to know how a responsive web design works. It is recommended to start by examining the source code in SASS or LESS.


Therefore, you must keep in mind that bootstrap is not suitable for every project. So, it is advised to spend time getting familiar with the framework. If you are in search of the best web design companies, have a look at the list of Kansas City web design companies.

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