How You Can Stop Plastic Pollution


In 30 years if plastic pollution continues as it does today. there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.


Do you want to kill yourself and every living thing around you?


Then you can either be a part of the problem or be a part of the solution. We aren’t asking you to change your entire life style to be eco-friendlier. Plastic pollution is the silent poison to all life.


A big chunk of that pollution is coming from plastic gift cards. When there is an easy & better solution it is a must to change with the times. eGift Cards (electronic gift cards) is an eco-friendly answer that will 100% eliminate plastic pollution for this product. Next time you go to your local business ask if they have eGift Cards.


Join us in our movement to save our world with this 5-word question.


“Do You Have eGift Cards?”


Ask your local businesses if they sell eGift Cards?


If they don’t then suggest they do because this simple fix can eliminate a lot of plastic pollution.


If they do offer eGift Cards, then purchase from those local businesses and praise them for being eco-friendly.


A wise man once said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.”


Do you want to commit more to prevent plastic pollution? One person can make a difference. That one person we are talking about is you. We are here to guide you with a tip that works 100% of the time.


Want to know why 99% of people fail to follow through with their New Year’s resolution? You do because you are still reading, so get ready to be a part of our new movement to save our planet. A popular New Year’s resolution is to lose weight & get in shape. At first you commit but after a few days, maybe a week you find yourself breaking your New Year’s resolution? Yes, we know you have done this because we all have.


Can you guess what the problem is? You set unrealistic goals to reach. Then when you fail you get mad and quit. Do you ever go back your New Year’s resolution? No, we throw it completely out the window. At least until next New Year’s Day. The shocking news is if we don’t make a change today, we won’t be around to celebrate future New Year’s. We will be lying in dead in the waste of our self-induced plastic plague.


Want to know how you can fix this problem?


It’s simple and starts with taking a new approach. This tip has proven to work for millions of people just like you. I am not giving you a 100% guarantee it will work as that would be lying. I am here to give you the cold hard truth. If you want this to work you must decide to join our movement. If you try hard enough I am confident you will succeed with us.


Start with this interesting but genius tip.


Think small to get big results.


If this goes against your common sense it’s supposed to. This is because this tip is known by the few people in the world who achieve great success.


Let me tell you a story. Every brick house is built one brick at a time. When you think about building entire brick house you will get over stressed.


So, think small to get big results. Think about laying down the brick and not building the house. Do this and it will be so easy to lay down at least one brick each day. Then one day you will look up to a complete brick house. You feel relieved and accomplished.


What is your metaphorical brick going to be?


What will you do today to be eco-friendlier? If you need assistance we are happy to help you. Let’s start with the easiest & simple changes you can make.


6 Proven Tips To Prevent Plastic Pollution:


  1. – Drink from reusable water bottles.
  2. – Shop with reusable
  3. – Bring your own coffee cup.
  4. – Eat your lunch from a reusable container.
  5. – Don’t use plastic forks, knifes & spoons.
  6. – Buy eGift Cards.


You will find selecting any of the above tips to be eco-friendlier easy goals. If you can’t choose one will pick one for you. Only buy eGift Cards. This will make you feel good about being eco-friendly plus you are making someone else day. This is a double good deed that will lead to great karma. We personally believe in you reap what you sow. Do good and receive good things in return. Go the extra yard to triple your kind act. Inform your local business about eGift Cards and that you will not buy plastic gift cards. If you can transform just one local business, you frequent to sell eGift Cards and not plastic gift cards you are changing the world. Remember the 5-word question you must ask.


“Do You Have eGift Cards?”


Next time you have a plastic object in your hand be sure to pause and think. Look at the object in your hand. Is it a water bottle, straw or gift card? If its plastic, then you need to say I will stop using plastic and I expect my local businesses to meet the new demands of our current and future generations.


If you get one thing out of this article we hope it’s this. Think about the plastic you consume and how you can reduce if not dismiss it all from your life.


We want to raise awareness of the dangers plastic pollution poses to your friends, family, pets and yes, even you. You can join us in our cause to save earth or you can be against us and all life. Never forget how one person can change the world with 5 simple words.


“Do You Have eGift Cards?”



If you choose to ask that 5-word question you are with our movement. When you don’t ask that question and are aware of plastic gift cards being sold you not with us.


We want you to join us in our efforts to make the world eco-friendlier. What will you ask the next time you are at your local shop?


As we said before it’s a lot easier to lay down one brick at a time.


The next time you visit your local business.


What will you ask them?



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