Web developers are always working in an environment that is continuously evolving. Not just that, but they need to adapt to the new technologies and make changes that are constantly evolving around them. Just like any other industry, it’s important to keep up with new technology and emerging trends which come up and avoid others which aren’t ready yet for primetime. If you are looking forward towards the web development, you must always be ahead and have the latest news regarding the latest technology and trends. In this article, you will get to know about modern web development trends and technologies, let’s start!


Artificial intelligence:  

According to a research, artificial intelligence is going to reach up to four trillion dollars in upcoming years. Most of the companies and brands are opting for artificial intelligence in their digital transformation strategy and till now, there is no news of AI slowing down. Recently, some of the companies made a free health care mobile application which lets you check symptoms, consult with several doctors and have an access to your previous health records. This application is developed by some of the most known and experienced doctors and scientists. With the help of AI, this application is able to offer free health advice and face to face consultation.

We should not forget about the brand who are using AI for several years and are now, enjoying their profits. Let’s take an example of Starbucks. They use a mobile application which helps them in driving personalized experience to their customers. They are also improving their drive thru system as well by leveraging the data.

You can use AI for several reasons such as, to analyze and understand the behavior of the people who visit your website so that you can improve customer services or target a specific product of yours which is being bought the most. You can also adjust the content-first approach or any other initiative which you want to take on the data you have gathered, analyzed and understood by the help of AI.


Programming languages:

There are almost hundreds of computer programming languages available for you to choose from. There are some leaders which you need to understand. One of the oldest language is C but now it has some new derivatives in Java and also in C# with new tools and extra features which will help you in being productive, acting smart and learn faster.

For artificial intelligence, Python is becoming a standard language. It has been widely documented and it has been here for a long time. When you look at Java script, it is without a doubt, a base for front-end development and it is the most used programming language in the world. It is used for developing we applications, in fact, ninety-five percent of the websites use Java script.

You do not have to be fluent in it. You just need to remember two things. one being NPM, and the second being Yarn. They both make it easy for Java users to reuse and share the code. The code that you are sending can be easily updated so you don’t have to worry about that.

Go-Lang by google is also going on top. It acts as an open source programming language which is supported by Google itself. You can use Go-Lang to build a website as well. If you haven’t built a website yet, try building it with Go-Lang, it might turn out to be the best experience for you!



Java script framework:

Learning a new frame work or doubling down on what you believe is the best. That means React and Vue. React and Vue are no longer new but there are several other new features which have come up such as React Hooks and Type script. These new features are more structured and object oriented if you compare them to Java.

There is also a brand new React based framework which is used to static site generation that is taking the web development world to a whole new level, it is known as Gatsby-JS. If you look at agility CMS, it is a headless CMS and it has recently introduced a source plugin for Gatsby-JS which allows you to get a website in a few minutes and run it quickly with the help of Agility CMS which will be acting as a content management system for you, for free!

CSS libraries and frameworks:

If you want to jump start your front-end development, you need to look at different ways such as using CSS libraries. This will be of a great benefit for you in the long run. Bulma and Tailwinds are two types of it. You can use them for your front-end design process. They will be of a great help to you as they provide lots of layouts, ideas and predefined component ideas.

Checkout Bootstrap as well. It will help you in creating your own website or a web based application. It will be a bit tough but worth it. It is easy to become familiar with Bootstrap because of how it works as most of the companies are currently using web apps which are based on Bootstrap.

Web components:

This is one of the most modern technologies which is moving fast and is going to prove its worth in no time. It’s going to help rewrite the way we think about using reusable web technologies. Web components are basically a set of web platforms, APIs, which gives you a free hand in making your ow, customized, reusable HTML tags which you can use in your web pages and web applications. If you are familiar with building components in libraries such as Reacts, you wil get familiar with Web components too and that too in no time!

Static website hosting:

Netlify and JAM stack are one of the best hosting and are becoming popular in web development in no time. JAM stack and Netlify are somewhat correlated because JAM stack was brought to life by the co-founder of Netlify. Netlify provides next level web hosting and automation at a very minimum price. It also offers web hosting for JAM stack websites. Basic purpose of JAM stack coming to life was to fulfill the need for a faster website. It was easy to develop and easy to use.

Digital transformation:

When you are making a choice, your expectation is always higher than ever. Digital transformation can be a quick surprise. If you have a headless CMS, it gives you more benefits than a traditional CMS, especially when it comes to the content first delivery. A headless CMS is a long term investment. You can use it for a longer period of time. Not just that, but a headless CMS can also be integrated with different platforms and with various devices. It can also build custom content. Headless CMS is becoming more popular these days and people are starting to realize that it works way better than the traditional CMS.


You all must have had the experience of going through a website which is not aesthetically pleasing at all or it might be broken. These sort of websites make you navigate somewhere else rather than staying over there and exploring products. According to a research, mobile data traffic worldwide is predicted to reach at least 78 Exabytes every month with annual growth rate of forty-six percent. This is the only reason why a headless CMS is a dream come true for a lot of developers. With the help of a headless CMS, your website can easily adapt to digital touchpoints and not just that, but with this, your website will also look aesthetically pleasing. Developers can easily build websites or applications using any programming language by using whatever tools, features and framework they want to.

Single page applications:

SPA is a web application or a website that interacts with users by rewriting the current page rather than reloading the entire page from a server. This approach avoids interrupting user interaction in between consecutive pages. It prevents the user from difficult navigation and other swirling menus and adapts to the user’s device so that it is easy for them to navigate and gather information regarding the website.

Chat bots:

AI and omni channel, both, are used in the creation of chat bots. Chat bots help in customer service and in automating processes, especially in marketing and analytics. The need for chat bots is becoming popular, almost everyone wants a chat bot now. Until now, you can see that Amazon, Alexa and several other voicemail robots have helped various business to transform into something bigger and increase social interactions. A chat bot mainly communicates with a real person but some say that in some time, applications will be developed where two chat bots would be able to chat and communicate with each other. This evolution has made many things easier. It helps in building a digital customer service and ensures consistency between chat, voice, messaging and web applications. If you have the budget, make sure that you consider adding chat bots in your projects, they would be of a great help to you!

Progressive web applications:

It provides an ease of development and enhances the overall user experience. Progressive web applications are websites that look just like applications. This helps the user to have access over all the information and capabilities of an application without downloading an application. They use technology which provides app like experience to people on a browser. This is becoming popular with time because of its offline feature, where you can use the browser offline and can sync the data to multiple devices.

Web assembly:

Web assembly is a short, small and fast binary format that promises excellent web application performance. It was designed on the basis that it will be a target for any language, Java script being one of them. There are many people that think that web assembly is made to replace Java script but if you look at the reality, it is Java script’s best friend.

Developers mostly use web assembly when they have to write client side applications for the web and to also build high speed web applications in whatever language they want to. A few good examples include games, music and video editing applications. It will be the next best thing after Java script and one to watch in the upcoming years!

Push notifications:

Just like in mobile applications, a website having push notifications can lead you to a large number of views. This can also be used in the online marketing form. Push notification is one of the best ways to grab the attention of new visitors and customers. However, if you overuse it, it will allow the customers to get information regarding several tempting discounts, beneficial activities and many more stuff.

In order to be one step ahead of your competitors, you need to have all the information regarding the new web development trends and technologies. This will help you adapt to the new trend and technologies and be ahead. Make sure that you opt for the right trends and technologies so that they become useful for your business and web development.

In order to do so, you can consult with a professional that which trend or technology you need to adapt in order to make your website and business flourish. Remember that the knowledge provided will not be sufficient. You need to hire a web app developer who can help you in handling such advanced and futuristic technologies in your software and also, in order to achieve what you desire.

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