Must-Know Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom renovations are exciting! Wouldn’t you agree? Choosing the new color scheme, hardware, tub and/or shower is certainly enough to make your head spin. But before diving into the renovation, there are some not-so-fun things that you must know about. If you don’t take the time to carefully consider everything the happens or could happen during a bathroom renovation, you could end up with a time consuming and frustrating project. Here is a quick and easy must-know bathroom renovation checklist for you:


  1. Budget First

Bathrooms are expensive because of the appliances and plumbing involved. Always prioritize your budget to reduce the surprises. Setting up a budget will guide you through the decisions you make. Continuously look to your budget, and keep track of money as you make purchases and progress through the remodeling. You will find that a well planned budget will give you a clear idea of what can be spent on tiles, lighting, appliances, fixtures, and other hardware over a specific amount of time.


  1. Floor Plans

If you’re trying to save money on your bathroom renovation, it’s smart to put the new plumbing fixtures where the old ones used to be. However, if you or the contractor finds that there is outdated wiring or plumbing, then you also can use the renovation period as a time to either replace and overhaul the entire bathroom. Floor plans, in short, are generally fixed, but on the off chance you can alter the positions of objects, remember that you want the most humid places, like the shower, near the ventilation, toilets away from doors, and so on.


  1. Bathroom Ventilation

As mentioned above, you need the hottest parts of the bathroom to be near ventilation—and many people tend to forget this. Ventilation wards of mildew and mold and preserves the longevity of your upgrades. Think about adding a top-quality fan that boosts indoor air quality. In the event of a low ceiling, the fan shouldn’t be inside the shower but on the outside. Otherwise, the air won’t circulate through the ductwork. Also remember that shower panels should have open space for ventilation.


  1. Functional Design

Piece together the elements that fit into your aesthetic without detracting from functionality. Choose features and products like these baskets for the bathroom that are must-haves then work around the rest of the bathroom, using that single piece as a cornerstone. Conversely, you can knit together specific elements, like stainless steel or glass. Design should be functional, especially in the bathroom. Design should be about the future too. Consider those using the bathroom now but also those who might be using it in the future. You can try changing your old toilet fixture for water-efficient macerating toilets. This fixture is ideal for bathroom remodelings and renovations. It is not only functional but it is also environment-friendly since it uses less water. If you’re thinking about changing your old toilet, an upflush toilet is worth considering.


  1. Lighting

How quickly a bathroom can go from beautiful to impractical with just the wrong lighting fixture. Always maximize natural lighting first, because this will cut down on utility bills. When choosing light fixtures, go for functionality over aesthetic and remember that it should be at least 4 watts of incandescent light per square foot.

There is a lot to think about when starting a bathroom renovation, but now that you have some tips, you can start building your plan and creating a design. Remember that everything should be centered around the budget.

If you need any help with floor plans or finding functional fixtures and other hardware, consider bringing in a professional contractor and getting a bathroom renovation quote. Good luck.



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