Designlab UX Academy is a mentor-led, self-paced course that offers UX/UI design skills. The curriculum will help you learn how to do user research and understanding customer behavior with critical thinking skills in the diverse digital world. And of course, we cover all the basics of wireframing and prototyping too! Get started today!


Designlab UX Academy is a 12-week mentored, self-paced class that offers UI and design skills for those looking to pursue careers as UX designers. This course will have an application process so prioritize your desired role. Think of Designlab as your small university with 1:1 one on one access with mentors from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more. In this immersive experience, you’ll learn how to research UX, build wireframes and write persuasive content. Take this opportunity now to understand the realities of being a UX designer today by learning from leading industry professionals in a live setting or via video lectures. Students that complete this program will receive a certificate after the first session number 12 along with their portfolio site for showcasing


Designed by some of the world’s leading instructors in UX, this program teaches you about design and research, how to use prototyping tools, and become a successful UX designer.


The Designlab UX Academy is a program that teaches design thinking, prototyping, and user research skills to create successful products. The course offers three-month courses in which participants can learn from experienced instructors on how to do this.

There are many benefits of the program. One benefit includes the ability for students to have access to mentors who can help them with their work or start-up ideas after they graduate. Another is the career services offered which include resume writing, interview preparation, and portfolio development services. Lastly, you will be one of many talented designers who have attended this academy because it has had over 1,000 graduates since 2013!

As per the review by Julia, Designlab UX Academy is worth it if you want an education that will teach you all the fundamental skills of UX design.


Designlab is a UX Academy that will accelerate your career in design and product management. But what does the academy offer? We took a look at Designlab’s curriculum, student reviews, and success stories to find out more about this program.

Designlab offers an immersive experience with expert instruction from successful professionals like Google’s VP of Product Design for Gmail and YouTube, Facebook’s Director of User Experience Research & Analytics, and Head of Product Design at Slack. With courses that are updated regularly based on industry trends, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. And if you’re not sure which course might suit your interests best, take advantage of their complementary course consultation!


Designlab UX Academy is an online, interactive educational platform for designers and product managers to learn the fundamentals of user-centered design. Designlab offers a range of courses spanning from introductory material on human behavior, psychology, interaction design principles to more advanced topics in information architecture, visual design, prototyping, or user research techniques. The collection of courses are designed by top instructors from companies like Facebook and IDEO. They cover everything you need to know about UX – all in just four weeks!

Designlab’s curriculum has been developed with feedback from leading practitioners including representatives from Google Ventures and Uber who have shared their insights into what skills they look for when hiring new designers. So if you’re looking for a career change or want to level up your current


If you’re looking for a career in UX design and want to learn the skills necessary, I recommend Designlab’s UX Academy. They offer an immersive Bootcamp that will teach you everything from UI/UX fundamentals to front-end development with JavaScript frameworks like React. With mentorship features such as one on one sessions and mentorships available through their community of experts, there is no doubt they can help you become proficient in User Experience design!

Designlab’s UX Academy was the perfect Bootcamp for me because it not only provided a sound introduction to UX design but also offered mentorship and coaching services. If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality education that will prepare you for employment in this field, or if you want help resolving any lingering doubts about your decision to enroll at Designlab, make your call today. They’ll be happy to walk through what we offer and answer all of your questions. The designlab team is standing by waiting to hear from you so feel free to give us a ring!

Designlab is an excellent place for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of UX design. Their Bootcamp teaches you everything you need to know about designing digital products that people love, and their mentorship feature will help you get unstuck by connecting with mentors who can answer your questions. Plus, they offer a refund policy so if it doesn’t work out for any reason, there’s no risk!