Are you looking for a house in Canada and don’t know where to start? My Perch is a website designed to facilitate this entire process. Not only does it encourage, but it also offers all kinds of tools and mortgages to make the most of your savings when buying a home.

Here we will show what can be done with this web page and clarify if it is reliable. If you want to know everything you need to know about Perch, you just have to keep reading.


How to acquire a house with Perch?

Perch provides many tools that can be useful when purchasing a property. The first thing will be to publicize the capital you have to buy the property; from there, Perch will take it hand in hand with the rest.

Usually, doing all the paperwork for purchasing a house is exhausting and unsatisfying. This website is responsible for carrying out this entire process, seeking that its clients can have an unforgettable experience when acquiring their new home or condominium.


Explore the tools that Perch offers

Few mortgage companies offer all the relevant information regarding the mortgage that will be acquired. But My Perch is different; it leaves everything you need close at hand so that your customers stay up to date with everything you are doing.

Some options will help you choose between buying or renting a home, considering their values, allowing you to make the best decision. It can even be evaluated if the client can promptly pay his mortgage.

To make this possible, Perch uses a tool that can calculate the possibilities according to each person’s monthly and annual expenses.


How much money do I need?

Do not worry if you do not have the necessary amount to acquire the property; this website offers mortgage insurance that suits you. To purchase this mortgage, the property must be eligible, in other words, worth less than $1,000,000.

Considering the price of the home to be purchased, you would be paying an initial payment of 5% or more if you wish. Use the tools that Perch offers to calculate if you can incur with the purchase of the property you want; in this way, your purchase will be more accurate.

In case of not having enough funds, this mortgage allows you to make payments with almost anything. Property sales, third-party loans, investments, savings, any of these options can be used for a down payment.


Is it trustworthy?

Sure it’s reliable; Perch Mortgage Brokerage is one of Canada’s most reputable mortgage brokers. It is legally authorized, in addition to being regulated by the pertinent organisms of the country.

Sites like Best of the Web rate Perch 10 out of 10. It has a physical office at 100 College St Suite 150 Toronto, EN M5G1L5. You can also contact their support service at