What are the advantages and disadvantages of VoIP ?

Are you doing a business but miserably missing out on some important steps to connect and make deals smoothly? This article will help you to get knowledge of major rules.

The business VoIP is the modern world’s need. Traditional phoning has been replaced by the modern VoIP calls. To have exceptional business experience and to make your business more accessible you definitely need VoIP features.

First you need to know about VoIP and its working.


What is VoIP:

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. As the name suggests, it is a novel innovation in which traditional or regular phone lines are replaced by an internet connection to make calls.

All you need is a strong internet connection and you are good to go.


How does it work:

The working of VoIP is simpler than you think. It converts the input, which is analog, into digital signaling and transmits data over miles to the destination where it is again converted into analog signals or sound. All this is done through a strong internet connection.

Due to the portability, savings, accessibility and other features of VoIP, it is now taking over the system of PSTN.



VoIP technology is highly recommended for businesses due to the features it offers.

Following are a few advantages of VoIP that can help you in your business:

  • Huge savings:

All you need is a strong internet connection then savings are a promised thing! VoIP has changed the business dynamics by connecting people over a low cost. It is beneficial for business as the money saved can be invested in other things that can help your business groom.

It is fifty times less costly than a traditional landline phoning system.

  • Access to a person or business:

In a landline system, accessibility is much less due to the errors that may occur. But internet has won over it by the reduction of as much error as possible.

Every person is just a click away. You can video call or even call multiple people just at the very same time. You can hold your business meetings and face time each other whenever you want, provided strong internet connection.



Though its a system of efficiency and is budget

friendly, it still has some drawbacks to it. Following are some of the drawbacks of using VoIP.

  • Strong internet connection is a must:

No matter what, internet connection is a must thing for VoIP. If it is not available or not strong enough then your phone calls will keep dropping off. Poor Internet connection will lead to bad sound quality and distorted pictures when doing face time.

This is the major drawback of using VoIP. The system will not work at all if there is no internet or anything happens to it.

The remedy to it is that, you should pick a reliable VoIP service provider. Not all service providers are to be trusted.

This is the basic need to avail VoIP services. You must be mindful to pick best server for this.

  • Tracking location in emergency situations:

If you are making calls at VoIP rather than landline then you are difficult to be tracked. Sometimes the responders like 911 or other emergency service provider find it difficult to track you which worsens the emergency situation.


Final verdict

After reading this article you can tell how VoIP services can be fruitful for your business. All you need is to pick up the best  service provider and you are ready to go.

Picking a good service provider will eliminate errors to a larger extent. This way you will not lose the hold of commuication even for a second.