It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your desired backpack is. There is one thing we can all agree on – while choosing the correct travel rucksack is an essential part in arranging your excursion, it is also a major struggle most of us have to go through. There are so many things that could go wrong. If the bag is too enormous, you will have an excessively additional load to bear. On the other hand, there is a huge possibility that you won’t get your pack on a plane. If your backpack is excessively little, you will never be able to stuff everything you want to take in it! If you end up choosing a bag made of some unsuitable material, all your things will suffer at the hands of an untimely rain. 

In other words, there are such huge numbers of rucksacks offered to us that it tends to be extremely confounding realizing how to pick the best backpack, which leads us to realize that it really is a science – comprehending what the best travel rucksack is – and how to choose it! Following are some of the factors you need to consider when getting a new backpack, and luckily for you, we have just the brand that provides rucksacks to fulfill your needs:

·        Make sure the bag you get is water-resistant – it doesn’t have to resist water a 100%, even though that is ideal, just make sure that your stuff won’t get wet in case of a severe downpour.

·        See to it that your backpack has a copious number of zippers. 

·        If you worry about your stuff getting damaged or stolen, make sure that the bag has protected compartments for precious belongings. 

·        See reviews and make sure that the backpack is long-lasting.

There are many travel rucksacks on the planet – and much more places where you can buy one. One of these websites is American Shield Backpack, which has the honor of selling some of the best bags if you are a lover of fashionable luxury backpacks. 



American Shield, or AmeShield as it is commonly known as today, has been one of the best brands of backpacks for literally decades now, especially those bags which people buy for excursion trips. According to them, they’ve been working on “innovating the way people handle life on the go with smart design, superior quality luggage, and travel gear meant to deliver performance and style.”

Designed in USA, these forever classic backpacks are known to be made to last for literally years and years, unlike backpacks of most local and foreign companies that start giving you trouble in just a couple months. Let’s be real: travel backpacks are a luxury and cannot be bought over and over, because of the struggle, time and money which go into buying one.


Speaking from personal experience, the best thing about an AmeShield backpack, especially an American Shield Granite 25 backpack is that it is made by precision and offers literally everything a traveler could ask for when looking for the ideal luxury brand backpack.


Available in four mesmerizing color themes – black & brown, green, coffee and black – this fashion backpack is the ideal option for you if you are in need of a long-lasting appropriately sized travel backpack.

It not only has a top handle which you can use to carry it around once your body gets tired of carrying it on its back because let’s face it: travelling is hard, but it also offers very easy to adjust shoulder straps. According to the website, the dimensions of the bag are something like this – with the length of this bag being 16.6 inches (42 centimeters) with an incredible height of 13 inches (33 centimeters) and a depth of 7 inches (17 centimeters).

In simple words, we can say that this American Shield Backpack is an exquisite and timeless design, which gives the buyer versatility, an abundant amount of space, practicality – which means it is not necessary that you only use this bag when you are about to travel, you can also use it for various other reasons like work or college, especially if you have to carry around a lot of gear and equipment, which makes this backpack multi-purpose beyond imagination.

This very functional bag, which is made in USA from Oxford fabric with remarkable textile lining all over the bag, which we all know is known for being particularly lightweight and warm at the same time. Another remarkable thing about this backpack is that it not only has a flap to close when you’re done packing, but also offers a press stud and drawstring opening, which makes it easy for the user to secure all their stuff inside, without having to worry about it falling out.

Still not convinced? We’ve got more. This amazing backpack has an inner compartment designed literally just to store a 15” laptop and its accessories. So, the next time you have to work while you are on a trip, you don’t need to worry about having to carry a separate bag for your laptop, you can just stuff it safely inside this Ameshield backpack. What’s more? You can also take your laptop’s charging cable and adaptor, so you don’t need to stress about your laptop dying on you in the middle of nowhere, because you will get to charge it whenever.

Wondering how many pockets and compartments it has? To answer your question, this multipurpose backpack has about eight small inner pockets to store your tinier belongings, a bigger front pocket to store stuff you might need to take out urgently, two external pockets on the side to store bottles, a bigger pocket in the back and a very convenient pocket on the straps. In simple words, trust us when we say all your belongings have a safe place in this backpack.

Not a traveler and have no need for AmeShield backpacks, but still like them? Don’t worry, these functional backpacks can be amazing gifts to give to your loved ones!