Event planning, according to Wikipedia, is the application of project management to the creation and development of large-scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. In simpler terms, planning of various events is the way toward dealing with a task, for example, a gathering or meeting of important people, a party, a conference, a tradeshow convention, a ceremonial ritual, a group building movement, a festival, a wedding, a concert, a birthday party or other formal and informal events.



Most of the time, the job of an individual and independent event planner or an event planning company and organization is to plan, arrange, run, support fully and promote all kinds of events from question and answer sessions to birthday slams. We can easily say that event organizers are the backbone and the sole reason behind each successful event you have been to.

We all know that all the major occasions that we attend may look faultless from the starting to the end, however this cannot happen unless an expert and a team of hard-working planners are behind it. There’s so much involved in planning an event – from making reservations for the site of the event, to tasting each item on the menu provided by the caterers hired by you to make sure it is perfect and purchasing extra props for the event, etc. And all of this is only possible if you hire a successful event planner.


It is common knowledge that there is always something going on Malaysia, no matter what time of the year it is. Whether it be the holidays, new year celebrations, various important dates, Malaysia is an extremely happening place. Which makes you wonder – who exactly is responsible for every successful event taking place in various cities of this country? The answer is event planners.

Before we give you tips on how to plan unforgettable events in Malaysia, we want to know if you have ever wondered who the hard-working masterminds behind every single event that takes place in the home of the cultural events and performing arts in Istana Budaya actually are? And how they manage to create such lavish atmospheres every single time for the people in Malaysia to have a great time, once they get away from their busy lives? Or who invests their blood, sweat and tears into building a successful event from scratch at the Sabah Art Gallery in Kota Kinabalu over and over again? The answer is again, event planners.

So, now that you know just how cool and answerable the work of an event organizer is, and you are on the lookout for an event company in Malaysia, we’ve got the perfect choice for you. But, if you are actually thinking of joining the event planning industry of Malaysia, here are some tips you should keep in mind every time you have to plan an event:

Make Use of Technology:

Innovation not only gives boundless chances to augment the productivity of your occasion but simultaneously, spares your time, as well. If you make use of technology, it would lead to the way toward entering in information and social affair data becoming much quicker with PCs. Basically, it can decrease the remaining task at hand and labor in all the events you’re hosting in Malaysia. There are so many things that can be taken care of faster with the help of technology, such as online enrollment, ticketing, management of various databases, registrations on-site, review/surveying and polling, etc.


Attempt to survey and check your money-related records month to month, thoroughly, as this will uncover how well or badly you are performing in your profession of event planning in Malaysia. Once you are done with these monthly surveys, before the next month, try to plan the amount you need to spend and d how you envision picking up and so on. Utilize the administrations of a bookkeeper to help decrease the pressure, yet on the off chance that you need to complete it yourself, there are various software applications and programs which can make the task less demanding for you.

Socializing and Networking:

If you are planning on running an event planning company in Malaysia, it is important that you know that networking is a crucial significance viewpoint for all classifications of occasion organizers. This means that to be successful at your job, you need to view each occasion that you go to as a chance to advertise yourself and your company. Try to converse with individuals about your activity and bear in mind to get their information so you can contact them later. For this, you need a viable correspondence ability, obvious expertise in arranging and sorting out issues, an inviting way of methodology, and a comforting grin.

Incorporate Adaptability and Resilience:

Being able to adapt and be flexible in different situations is tied in with having the capacity to move uninhibited and certainly from work to work, from errand to assignment, from job to job, varying the manner in which you think, you act and you act, with no loyalty to a lot of inside or outside principles. In simple words, you should be able to utilize your aptitudes to most extreme impact wherever you happen to work, especially in Malaysia where there is always so much going on.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork:

In order to be a successful event planner in Malaysia requires you to be able to work in a team, because the events in Malaysia are always on a large scale and require solid co-operation, which is an extra credit for anybody that is in the business of managing events. This is because when you are cooperating to make something real, it is much liable to be effective and prosperous. Working in a group and cooperating upgrades inventiveness, enhances work fulfillment, offers a solid system of people, and expands efficiency.

Thus, you’re on your way to becoming Malaysia’s best event planner!