Portable solar power generators are all the rage at the moment. So, for those who are not aware, a solar power generator is a powerful device that makes use of solar panels so as to store the sun’s energy, especially by using current directly in the batteries. Once the energy is kept, it can be often remodeled into alternate (electrical) energy if it has the assistance of power inverters. It can also be sent to other devices which are utilized by you on a daily basis. The solar wireless charger combines all those features: it grabs the power of the sun and stores it in the built-in battery.

In addition to this, once you upgrade certain elements, it becomes possible for the solar generator to offer its power supply even from a gas generator, an electrical grid or literally any other source of power. Small and portable solar generators can usually be charged with the help of an AC, or if you don’t have that, then you can use your car adapter, too.


Portable solar power generators are extremely beneficial in a number of cases, some of which include suffering under rowdy behavior, for instance. In the event that you not only have to endure a very severe weather condition, such as a hurricane, blizzard, a tornado or many other thunderstorms, but there is also a chance that you may be stranded without any power for quite a long time (sometimes a week, or even longer), it is good to know that maybe a solar power generator would be the answer to your troubles.

Because let’s be real, when you own a solar power generator, you can be assured that if the circumstances arise, you can be assured that you are provided with the security and reassurance which comes with being aware of the fact that you always have your own way of creating your very own power supply, especially one that does not depend on your electric grid.

It can also be a great device to carry if one is planning on going camping, boating or other sporty RV fun activity. Let’s admit it – we all have the desire to capture captivating shots with our cameras, especially when you are on vacation and away from electrical grids for a longer period of time. In order to ensure that you have the trip of a lifetime while also making the most beautiful memories and taking pictures, you need to invest in a portable solar generator so that you can stay connected to the world through the television, and also capture all the best moments on your devices like your phones and cameras. You can use your generator to give supply to all the lights in your location, charge the batteries of your phones and even use a stereo or a low-wattage TV.

Another thing you can buy a portable solar generator for are your gatherings and parties which are not usually indoors. Since solar power generators give you the chance to take the solar power with you, wherever you go, you can literally utilize them in any gathering. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on throwing a barbeque party in your backyard, or a friendly tournament of any sports such as volleyball – it can be a lifesaver when it comes to using additional lights, a powerful massive boombox or other sound setups, lights, fans, and literally anything else you need which can be quite the annoying task if you are swarmed by wires everywhere you look.


If you are in the process of selecting an ideal portable solar power generator for yourself, it is crucial to pay attention to the following things:

  • Find out if the manufacturer is delivering the solar panels along with the device, or as a separate piece because very few homes offer them.
  • Solar power generators, especially those which are easily portable, are known for making absolutely no noise at all. This is what makes them a much better choice, when compared to gas generators.
  • Solar generators are making you capable of having a power supply on hand, no matter where you are in the world. Make sure that the generator you are buying is built strongly enough to survive all harsh weather conditions.
  • Portable solar power generators are usually small when it comes to their design, making them very mobile. This style is usually like a luggage-like pull handle, or it can even be a simple handle on top for most smaller units. Make sure you get the size which is most appropriate for you.
  • There are also some extremely small portable solar generators which feature a modular style. These can also be neatly packed and stored away. If you’re short on space, this is your choice.
  • If you want higher wattage and a slightly bigger model, you can get many ice chests which are usually standard-sized and have two wheels in the back. If you want something compact, try investing in something that takes up lesser space.
  • Buying a solar power generator will be one of your greatest investments, even though they are not always as powerful as backup generators. They are ideal because they can still give power to your important devices while you are using them, for very long periods of time.
  • Avid user of your phone, tablet, laptop and light? Keep them fully charged every moment with the help of a solar power generator!
  • It is important to remember that despite all solar power generators functioning almost identically and having the same essential basic elements, there can be massive differences in their sizes, portability, power supply, amounts of outlets, and other features, as well. Therefore, it is important to know what you require and do a little research beforehand.
  • It is also crucial to know that you are in for a lot of disappointment if you think that a solar generator will power all the items you own for days and days on end. This is because they are constructed to power smaller gadgets and devices for comparatively smaller periods of time.

Buying a solar generator will definitely make your life easier – especially if you know which one to get!