Web design is crucial to the success of a website because of the increasing competition of websites throughout the internet. Web design of your website should be unique, minimalistic and elegant to make the right impression on the audience. A web design firm and a designer specially trained for this purpose can ensure to craft your website layout and design. In case you want to start you want to start your own website, follow this guide on how to start a blog:

Clutter-free Homepage

While keeping up with the fast pace of the world, we hardly have the time to read detailed descriptions and paragraphs on website pages. Which is why, it is important to keep your homepage simple and clutter free with very little content which not only gives structure to your website, but also intrigues the interest of the reader to explore more of the website.

Include the main keywords relative to your work or company and add minimalistic sentences. This will lead the reader to the rest of your website and will make it easier for him to process the information you are presenting. Try to add headings and subheadings which clarify your stance and communicate your propositions effectively.

Large Font

Large fonts unconsciously captures the attention of the reader and shifts his or her focus on that part. Large font size naturally eases the eye, because you don’t have to look closer and focus. Another aspect is of the mobile revolution, people read on smaller screens and large fonts can add a lot to their preference of reading through the website. While using large font sizes, it is important to consider the website area and layout, what size and what font would fit effectively.

Spacious Layout of the website

A simple and minimalistic approach is the go-to design and preference of every web design firm these days. This produces space throughout your website, creates focus on the parts you have uploaded. Spacious layout of websites also give a clean, neat and professional look which is why web designers also reject the idea of side bars these days.

Another way of doing this is increasing the blank part or white background space on your page design with lesser words and larger fonts. This will reduce any haphazardness that might clutter up when you upload the content and give a clean and spacious look.Producing more space also automatically shifts the attention of the reader to the desired keywords which increases the reader response rate.

Sharing Buttons

It is important for any website to add sharing buttons that could allow the audience to share the links and pages of their website on social media. This is necessary due to the popular use of social websites around the world, the word gets easily spread and it’s also very convenient for the users. Some users if do not find this sharing option, eventually leave the website in order to avoid the havoc of copying or even print screening to let people know.

Adding share buttons to website design is not only useful for the audience but also useful for the website handler. These are little icons that are usually located at the bottom of a content image or blog post.

Mobile Friendly Design

We talked about the mobile revolution, and the necessity to build a responsive mobile friendly website in order to become easily accessible to users. The use of mobiles is increasing day by day and avoiding this web design tip will lead to the loss of the website. This not only translate to creating the perfect layout, but also keeping in view of the image size, drop down menus etc. Create responsive design for your website; for this you can also take the help of a web design firm to design the best responsive version of the website for you.

Revise your Website Tools

Similar to latest web designs, there is also the need of revising the website tools on your website. This helps you to de-clutter your website very easily by addition of any drop down menus, optimized links etc. There are also design tools that are available through apps such as the famous by Adobe, which could assist you in creating the perfect website tools for your website and make your work less hectic.

Easy Navigation

Adding a lot of website links, menu options, sidebars and categories might occur to some people as a good way to capture the attention of the audience, but in many situations it can go completely the other way round. This happens because people usually avoid haphazard and complicated navigation paths so they altogether exit your website and call it quits.

Using the minimalistic strategy here as well can keep you through the race of easy navigation systems and reduce any complexity that might be ruining the impression of your website.

High Quality Visuals

The last and most important element of web designing is to add the best quality visuals to attract the audience. People automatically prefer websites that use high definition images or neat and easy graphically designed images because they enhance the beauty of your website.

Add visuals according to your keywords and the content you are uploading. If you cannot get a picture yourself, or cannot afford a graphic designer for this, you can always opt for the free images on internet while giving due credits or mentioning the link.

While uploading the quality images always compress the images to reduce them in size. This will not only reduce the loading of your website but also be easier for the users to use less data which is definitely preferred by everyone. Adding visuals to websites have proven to be one of the most effective ways of attracting audience and make your  more website attractive and unique.


For the best audience response rate, web design tips are important so that you can create a unique website of your own which is complete in its features but also professional and easy to use. Web design firms always opt for a simple and less chaotic approach in web designing because they design the website carefully not to lose any user or optimization rate.