If there’s a small hole in the wall, it’s usually just an aesthetic problem that’s unsightly yet harmless. When there’s a hole in the roof, however, it will grow and expand and cause rot and loose and missing shingles, and create a disaster. Whenever one finds a problem with their roof, it needs to be fixed right away. You’ll need a professional and trustworthy company, such as Team Roofing that has the experience, credentials, and record of quality to handle any job.

As long as you’re fixing the roof, you want to do a good job. This requires using a solid, quality material that’s going to hold up better than the original. Let’s take a look at some of the strongest, longest-lasting roofing materials from which to choose in today’s market.


The 6 Best Roofing Materials to Use Today

Asphalt Shingles

As everyone knows, there are many reasons to replace a roof. Damage is just one of them. You may want to update the aesthetic for equity or resale value. Whatever the reason, asphalt shingles are tried and tested materials to use for roofing. They’re affordable, economic, fairly easy to install, and they come in a wide range of colors. Best of all, the woven fiberglass on top of asphalt mats really holds up well to a range of elements, including bitter cold and harsh heats. It’s a quality material, guaranteed for at least 30 years.


Wood Shakes and Shingles

Never underestimate the value of quality wood. There are still some wooden structures from ancient Rome that have survived. For wooden shingles and shakes, they’re made out of high-quality, treated wood that can hold up well while giving a rustic appeal. When covered with the right sort of protective coating and painted, these shingles can last decades and really hold up to the weather. This sort of roofing material has a lot of appeal in terms of how it looks as well.


Clay/Concrete Tiles

There are lessons we can all learn from tribes of the world we call primitive. When they use mud and clay and forge actual clay and concrete items, they can last for centuries. The same holds true with clay and concrete shingles. They’re a bit heavier and more difficult to install, but they’re about as tough as it gets for roofing material. Plus, they can be mixed to present any sort of shade or color. This is definitely an option many may want to consider for a new roof.


Composite Shingles

One of the best parts about composite shingles, just like composite flooring, is that you get the look and feel of another type of material for about half the price, while also getting the durability you require. Composite shingles can look just like slate or wooden roofing shingles, though they’re lighter, less expensive and easier to install. They also have an average guaranteed lifespan of 50 years. That’s very hard to beat in terms of materials for a new roof.


Slate Roof Options

While considered more of an upscale sort of material to choose that looks amazing, slate roofing is also very practical. The issues here, of course, would include how much the materials cost, how much the shingles weigh, and the expertise needed to install literal slabs of rock without cracking or chipping them. But with the right craftsmanship, slate shingles are perhaps the best looking choice of the entire lot. These things are absolutely gorgeous, plus they’re incredibly strong and resistant to the elements.


Metal Roofs

In today’s market, metal roofing materials are considered great options for barns and sheds. For homes, most people deal in the classic asphalt or a wooden type of shingle for looks. Though if you wanted to go for a material that truly resisted the elements and was guaranteed for many years, metal roofing would be the way to go. It’s actually quite thin and light, easy to install, and doesn’t cost a whole lot to have put up. Best of all, today’s metal options come in a ton of different shapes and patterns, so the home isn’t going to look like a barn.

These are the best roofing options available on the market today. No matter which one you choose, just understand that roofs are very important and thus you cannot wait around for a new option to suddenly appear.