The reason the after-market genre exists is that some people want some things that aren’t included by the factory. Think of buying a new car but the radio system and speakers are rather weak. That’s not what you want. What you want is something that booms and thumbs. You can think about cigarettes the same way. Full-flavored tobacco and menthol, pretty much your choice. Woo! Nobody’s catching an Uber to FlavorTown over that, are they?

Although since E-cigarettes were introduced, there have been hundreds upon hundreds of quality, fruity, lip-smacking flavors of e-juice released. Also called e-liquid or smoke juice, this stuff can come in a wide variety of flavors while still delivering the nicotine smokers crave. So, when you’re ready to add some fruit to your e-cig diet, which flavor will you choose? Here are 10 of the best out right now.

The Top 10 E-Cigarette Fruity, Juicy Flavours You Must Try

1: Twelve Monkeys Galago

Remember that grape juice you sipped through a straw in a cardboard box as a kid? Yes, this is nothing like that. Galago has a huge, popping grape flavor that’s directly in your face and will make your lips curl up. It’s smoothed out a lot in a fruity sense by a big splash of lychee.

2: The Milkman Crumbleberry

Fresh raspberry on its own is an intense, fresh, delightful flavor, but when paired with pie cream and a graham cracker crust flavor, it just goes above and beyond what one would ever expect from e-juice. It’s like a dessert, only better, because it won’t make you fat.

3: Twisted Chill Raspberry Watermelon

We’ve already covered some of the good points of raspberry, so let’s move on to watermelon. Everyone knows that stuff you eat at picnics has nothing on the concentrated watermelon flavor found in chewing gum and suckers. Imagine that flavor in an e-cigarette. It’s mouth-watering.

4: Bazooka Green Apple Sour Straws

Even the name is cool: Bazooka! Though just think about that concentrated sweetness of a green apple candy, only a bit more on the sour side and a touch more balanced, so you’re getting everything that’s good about green apple without the potential for cavities. This is definitely a winner.

5: Diamond Dust Jolly Rancher

People who were kids in the ‘80s and ‘90s will remember Jolly Ranchers well. They were the millennial’s answer to Willy Wonka’s boomer Everlasting Gobstoppers, as you could enjoy them for a long time with a big fruity pop. Now imagine having smoke juice with this same flavor.

6: Don Cristo XO

Don Cristo is like the fine cigars of smoke juice. Instead of a huge, sweet burst of flavor, the deliciousness here is less fruity and only subtly sweet. It’s a butterscotch explosion. They make pudding out of butterscotch, so we’ll count it as a fruit!

7: Flavour Addicts Seven

Imagine you had to eat cereal but wanted to spruce it up, so you sliced some bananas and strawberries. That’s the sort of fruity burst of sweetness you’re getting with this Seven smoke juice, along with the subtle nuttiness of almonds to round it all out well.

8: JC Classic Purple Nurple

With a name sounding like something painful that happened to very small kids in a school full of bullies, Purple Nurple is a vape juice option that packs a ton of blueberry and grape flavors that are upfront and vibrant with a subtle undertone of airiness that makes it all go down smoothly.

9: Kilo Apple Pie

All around the globe, apple pie is one of the most famous and popular pastries that people eat. So why wouldn’t it become a popular smoke juice flavor? With hints of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, along with a deep, rich caramel flavor, the sweetness of the apple combines for something that tastes like the real thing.

10: Lemon Twist Peach Blossom

No fruit-based list of any sort would be complete without something peach flavored. Because it’s from Lemon Twist, it’s much more like a high-quality peach tea than straight-up peaches, but it’s still delicious and will leave you wanting more.

Of all the many hundreds of e-liquid flavors, these are 10 of the best on the market today and will really make your taste buds sing with delight with every puff.