By David Saitta

“Boaters everywhere can now find the essential outboard motors and all their parts, service tips, events and even friendships all in one convenient online location.”

Using paid-only listings, offers a new twist to online classified ad website specifically tailored to New & Used Outboard Engines, their parts, accessories and forums for people who love to talk about outboard engines.

Outboard Listings is a directory of public and commercial: outboard motors, outboard engines and outboard accessories as well as outboard engine forums which offers the items and information through like-minded buyers and sellers.

This Outboard Engine classified website is driven by public, paid advertised listings only!  This means there is more quality ads because people can’t post junk or bait and switch like they do on other classified ad websites.

Meaning, with this public-driven classified ad paid website, sellers are proven to be motivated, serious sellers. Listings are for both new and used outboard motors, engines, parts, and accessories and these listings are paid for in advance each and every month.

“OutboardListings website has profile rating abilities giving the users the ability to Rate the Seller as well as the seller rating the buyer opening up a whole new dimension in Open-Layout-Online-Classified Advertising.”

Sellers must pay for ads on a monthly basis.
This pre-pay only for ad posting option also proves dedication and seriousness about selling.

This isn’t like an eBay or Craigslist where a seller is looking to hook a buyer for a lower price then telling them that item “Just Sold” or by posting only Over-Priced items only paying a fee when and if they sell.

Outboard Engine Buyers will appreciate that all ads are relevant, accurate and updated along with the ability to Chat directly through the websites “message” system with options for making an offer, swapping direct contact information and more.

There are several packages for outboard advertisers with ads that start at $5 per month for individuals for a single ad, $25 per month for small businesses carrying up to 5 ads with 1 featured ad listing and for the larger business a plan of $45 per month allowing up to 20 ads and total of 10 featured ad listings.

This is a community website and not just a sales website. With the combination of paid ads helping lower the propensity of fake, bait and switch from the sellers. There is also the Outboard Forums which create and foster a real sense of community.

Outboard Engine Forums

Another great feature of this Outboard Motor Directory is the Outboard Engine Forum geared to and around “all things outboards”.

This Outboard Forum has categories like:
*Vintage Outboards (1950’s to 1970’s)
*Old-School Outboards (1980’s-2000’s)
*Outboard Tech Talk
*Outboard Engine Wanted Section
*Outboard Engine-Based Boating Clubs
*Outboard Mechanics
*Outboard Engine Brokers & Dealers and Even a section designated for O.M.E.
*Outboard Engine Racing Events like: X-Cat, F1, O.P.A., Race World Offshore and more.

There are discussions about parts and accessories in the Tech Talk section of each forum board on the Outboard engine forums page.

These forums provide buyers and sellers a chance to get to know more about their engines and find out more important information about getting the correct engine parts for specific boats, including those that are vintage, used from the 1980s to the 1970s, and from the 1980s to the 2000s.

Accessing these forums also leads users to the ads they most wish to peruse to find the perfect part or outboard engine for their boat. The Outboard Tech Talk is a great section that gives the new public boat owner as well as the seasoned professional all the information they need to find the part they need to rebuild or refurbish a boat.

Marine Industry Advertising
“ even offers Marine-Based Advertising solutions for local businesses, marinas, outboard dealers & even outboard engine manufactures.”

The website has two separate categories of sponsorships available with the first being on its partner page and the second being a showcased ad sponsor page.
Buying a yearlong listing on this websites partner page will cost you just $299 with a full profile allowing a bio, all contact information and do-follow link back to your website for a full 12-months from time of purchase.

Advertising on this website’s footer will cost you either $99/month having a 12-month term and mandatory credit card on file OR a one-time advertiser fee for $999 for that same 12-month period.

In Summary 
This Outboard Engine Directory and Forum comprises a true one-of-a-kind website that brings boat buyers and sellers together to foster greater joy and success in the world of pleasure boating, professional boating/ restoration and the overall outboard community.
For more information or to list or buy an item visit and be sure to read through the Outboard engine forum to get a feel for the directory and the valuable services it provides.

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January 6, 2019