Xvision is well-known private investment EXP organization, and it is actually quite famous for being one of the best companies which has risen up in the past couple of decades. A lot of people consider XVision an incredible supplier of visual building for clients in literally every single corner of the world in the subaqueous and interestingly developing world of Gas and Oil.

The main offices of FutureOn can be found in Oslo, Norway, and they also have an office in Houston, Texas. FutureOn is getting increasingly more fame and expanding their potential as they gain more and more customers, everywhere in each corner of the world.

FutureOn is putting resources into building visual programming and electronic programming and applications for this diligence. “FieldAP”, which was their first historically speaking article propelled, has been created and launched for over a period of more than 2.5 years. And afterward in 2016, a product referred to as Xvision Software was propelled as a free of charge venture in the middle of that year.


When we talk about FutureOn and what makes it exciting and extraordinary to invest in, we usually refer to their association, which includes a solid core gathering and its prime adherents.

Each and every one of these supporters are veteran and adept business professionals and senior specialists who all possess the ability to understand and work with visual structure, programming headway and are gas and oil zone experts.


Field Activity Planner is a program launched by FutureOn and tested with Google Chrome on the following operating systems;

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Mac OSX
  • Linux

Known as a “cloud based digital energy solution” for all the problems which users face daily, the Field Activity Planner arrangement interestingly brings all information of a project or plan such as the resources, exercises and costs – both topside and subaqueous – and makes it more visible to everyone involved in it through straightforward perception and image.

What’s more, because of the fact that the Field Activity Planner is well and truly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) arrangement, it lets users run the most recent form any place in the world, whenever they want from their internet browser.

As of now, it is recommended by FutureOn itself that users make use of this solution through Chrome in order to access each and every feature of the plan along with optimal performance.


It can be easily agreed upon that your properties and resources are your most profitable learning source.

This is because of the fact that your resources hold evidence of very long periods of technology promptness. When your work processes are transferred to the cloud, it is crucial that these important resources must be transferred, as well.

FutureOn’s Field Activity Planner is the one of the very few computerized foreign technology programming arrangements which offers an approach that is based on your cloud 100% and makes it better to deal with the management of your resources.

In simpler words, when you buy and utilize a Field Activity Planner solution, your resources end up becoming brilliant and even smarter.

Sharper and technological resources hoard information of designing, expenses and arrangement. With Field Activity Planner, all you need to do is choose a resource and the information from that resource ends up becoming a piece of the plan. Then, this information can be accessible to literally and all individuals who require it – whenever they need it.

Field Activity Planner helps you bring your important resources to life in the form of 3 dimensional visual duplicate portrayals inside the whole layout of the field. You also get to understand and comprehend your concepts remarkably quicker, which helps you produce real information and ultimately get to more clever choices.


Field AP empowers a computerized workplace for your association and provides immediate worldwide coordinated effort. It also enables you to diminish your expenses in the 3D field format configuration plan for the entire esteem chain, as it can rapidly search for the most ideal arrangement in the plan stage and by shortening the all-out venture lead time is only one of the advantages.

In simpler words, Field Activity Planner has a number of key benefits, which are given as follows:

  • You get to collaborate with multiple individuals and even enterprises all across the board of the organization.
  • You get share all the information and knowledge you have on each and every single aspect and resource.
  • The quality of communication between different businesses, organizations and enterprises majorly improves. What’s more? Interacting with other individuals such as yourselves becomes drastically easier and more influential.
  • The speed of process – which has a great impact on literally everything that is included in a plan – greatly improves – which saves you a lot of time so you can focus on other important aspects.
  • Your access to the cloud saves up a lot of space for other aspects if your business plans. Want to know the best part? You can share this information about all your resources with literally anyone you want, whenever you want. All you have to do is give them the access to the same cloud as you.
  • FieldAP is a remarkable solution which it comes to enabling and empowering a digital working environment, which is very important to have if you want to produce better work and come up with more ideal concepts, plans and solutions.
  • The best part about investing in a Field Activity Planner solution is the persistent saving of costs and expenses. This can easily be an ideal solution for anyone trying to save up money.
  • With FieldAp, you need to spend less time marketing and advertising. It takes care of everything for you.
  • With the newer versions, all users now get access to improved operability.

FieldAP is an ideal solution for anyone looking to better their business.