Are you an emerging blogger looking for more and more opportunities to make it big in the blogging world? Or are you an active reader, on the search for quality blogs to subscribe to? Fear not, because we’re here to provide you with the most accurate information!

About the Site

First things first, you need to know about this unique (and relatively new) aggregator site that promotes bloggers around the globe. The Bloggers Digest (or TBD) is a collection of original writings and curated blog content that cater to most of the blog-reading community. The owners of this platform are known to be on the lookout for new blogs and sharing them with their viewers. With The Bloggers Digest, the creators hope to unite both writers and readers with a combined mission of appreciating quality, unique content in a simple and intuitive environment.

Bloggers or Readers?

The best part about TBD has to be the fact that it caters equally to both readers and writers. For the reading community, it serves as a platform that allows them to discover latest, high-quality educational and popular content without having to spend hours on the internet finding it. Additionally, they can learn about the writers behind these wonderful blogs and start following them regularly!

For the hard-working and ambitious collection of bloggers, TBD’s content aggregation provides a platform of opportunities. In order to reach a larger audience or become increasingly popular for their writings, bloggers can reach out to TBD for a chance to be exclusively featured on their site with absolutely no monetary fee or other conditions attached.

How, Why, When?

The main rationale behind the creation of TBD lies in the mind of the creator. They were looking to serve a specific purpose: to provide quality independent, subject-specific and categorized content in an organized manner in one place only.  The creators of TBD wanted a site that was the opposite of a news and gossip site, a site based off of only useful, informative, and otherwise entertaining content from only grassroots sources. Notably, no content from major news outlets or any strictly political content is ever featured on the site.

Before TBD, we could only dream of an an RSS feed reader populated like a traditional newspaper. With its organized pages, multiple sections, and redirecting to the original content page, readers are free to enjoy the beautiful formatting, typography and content-specific accessories that come with reading the content in its original source URL.

While its almost irrelevant to consider where TBD originated from, it is important to focus on the purpose it continues to serve today: a tool that can connect the vast blogging community (readers and writers inclusive) with independent media content where pieces of writing can finally receive the appreciation they truly deserve.

At this given point in time, The Bloggers Digest consists of a distinct group of individuals that come from differing professional backgrounds who love reading independent media. Writing and conducting interviews with bloggers is only part of the job description of the people behind TBD. The truth is that they’ve spent long hours behind these desktop computers to make this site possible.

The most overwhelming aspect of TBD has to be one that has not yet been revealed to you. Most of the work put into TBD, including web development and continuous effort behind updating RSS feed readers, has been done with much love and labor on an entirely volunteer basis. This is what reflects the importance of community culture and sense of belonging at TBD home office.

TBD at a Glance

If you’re still contemplating upon whether The Bloggers Digest is a genuine platform or not, here are a few simple pointers to explain what exactly TBD is, and what its core values are:

1. An Independent Media Platform: With no associations to any kind of traditional news media or other companies, TBD serves to be an independent platform working solely for itself.

2. Free of Cost: For both bloggers who wish to be featured and readers who appreciate quality content in one organized space, TBD is committed to providing a service completely free of cost including no hidden costs such as subscription fees after a certain period of time.

3. Features Original Content and Curated Links: If exclusive original content is what you prefer, TBD has articles and blogs written specifically for you. If you’d like to take one step further into the world of bloggers and discover new, talented individuals, we have a long list of curated content as well.

4. Opportunities for Bloggers: For many bloggers, finding the correct audience for their content is becoming increasingly difficult due to the complexities that search engines and feed readers impose. Through TBD, emerging bloggers can cater to a niche audience without any marketing.

5. Daily Entertainment: From crossword puzzles and comic strips to inspirational quotes and blogs, The Bloggers Digest has it all!

Bloggers: Get Featured!

Unlike many other platforms, getting featured on The Bloggers Digest will neither cost you a kidney nor give you the stress equivalent to that of a mental asylum patient. Instead, promoting your blog at TBD is a fairly simple task.

As a hard-working blogger, the people behind TBD appreciate the effort you invest into creating blogs that are of high quality. For this specific purpose, it is a promise that being featured on TBD is completely free of cost. If it was solely up to them, they would feature every blogger that reaches out to them, mainly due to their undying love for quality content. However, the only problem that pulls them back is the high number of applications being submitted and the technical limitations they have to follow to allow TBD to continue operating properly.

So, if your blog isn’t selected the first time you send it in for review, please do not consider it a judgement regarding the quality of your website or content. Instead, it is only based on complications such as loading time or bandwidth that is preventing them from featuring you.

The final important thing to remember is that aggregation will never hurt your personal search engine rankings. The team behind TBD works very hard to ensure that the only impact caused on the search engine ranking of your site is only a positive one. 97% of the content posted on TBD’s site is linked through Feedzy Lite, ensuring that there is no duplicate content for any search engines to discover, therefore imposing no impact on your SEO.