Nutrisystem: How Does It Work and How Much Is This?


Are you planning to join a diet program? If yes, then you might want to consider the famous Nutrisystem. This diet program is actually based on a prepackaged meal which contains all the needed nutrients as well as calories.

However, with this diet program, you will still need to hit the store to buy vegetables and fruits. Meaning to say, you will have to resist yourself from getting junk foods and even sweets. But nevertheless, the majority of the food preparation will be done for you.

Nevertheless, before signing up in any diet program, having an idea about the cost and how the program works is very important. So if you are interested to join in Nutrisystem, keep on reading and find out how does it work and the cost.


How Does Nutrisystem Works?

This diet program offers various programs or plans for different budgets and different kinds of dieters. On the other hand, there are distinct programs for women and men. What’s more, there are also options for individuals who have type-2 diabetes and even vegetarians.

In every plan, you are allowed to select your own meal or you can go for the Favorites Pack in which the meals are carefully chosen for you. In fact, Nutrisystem recommends their clients to begin with the Favorites Pack.

Either way, the majority of plans begin with the Turbo Takeoff. It can help you to start up your weight loss in the first week of the diet program. Furthermore, the Turbo 13 program will aid you to lose 13lbs plus 7” during your first month.

Keep in mind that every plan offers a diverse level of amenity.

  • This four-week plan is very easy to follow. With the basic plan, you will receive a kit that has pre-selected foods that are ready to go. On the other hand, the orders will be delivered by FedEx for free.
  • In this plan, you can try the Chef’s Choice Pack or select from a wide variety of meals. With Core plan, you can also receive unlimited support from dietitians and as well as access trackers and tools.
  • Uniquely Yours. In this plan, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of menu including frozen foods. Actually, you can choose from more than 160 delicious menus. Nevertheless, Uniquely Yours is the top rated plan of Nutrisystem.
  • Uniquely Yours Plus. Here, you will be able to receive shakes for four weeks. That is 28 shakes that are loaded with protein and probiotics to aid shrink your chromium and belly to lose and burn fat.



Actually, the cost of this diet program depends on the plan you choose. For example, plans for gentlemen are costlier but they contain more food. Nonetheless, below are the costs for every Nutrisystem plan.

  • Starts at $10.18 per day
  • Starts at $11.07 per day
  • Uniquely yours. Starts at $12.50 per day
  • Uniquely Yours Plus. Starts at $13.93 per day

On the other hand, the above-motioned costs aren’t fixed. Meaning to say, it will still vary depending on the other services you are planning to avail.



Honestly, there’s no diet program that works for everybody. Different diet programs work for various dieters.

Nutrisystem is perfect for dieters who are searching for convenience. Someone who does not want to worry or have to think about counting carbs, calories, and other nutrients to see results, said McCormick.

Either way, if simplicity and convenience are both essential for you, then this diet program could be the right option to aid you to accomplish your goal weight.

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