Ocean Plastic Pollution and the Importance of Using Reusable Metal Straws

One of the worst threats to our ocean health worldwide is plastic pollution. Ever since the skyrocketing plastic production, there has a constant threat of ocean plastic pollution. Fueled by poor waste management and low levels of recycling, things have only gotten worse.

Every year, it has been estimated that about 4 to 12 million metric tons of plastic enters our oceans. It is more than enough to fill each foot of coastline on Earth. However, things are only going to get worse as it has been predicted that the amount would more than double within the next decade. Let that sink in, before you continue reading on with this article.

Plastic pollution impacts just about everything it comes into contact with in the ocean. It affects coral reefs, fishes, seabirds, whales, sea turtles and just about every marine habitat and species in our ocean. It has even been estimated by scientists that nearly every seabird and over half the population of the world’s sea turtles have consumed plastic within their lifetime. Otherwise beautiful coastlines, beaches and snorkeling locations have been marred by plastic pollution. Remote locations like Midway Atoll have also been affected by this endemic.

The thing about plastic pollution is that it does not go away easily. Plastics remain forever. The plastic debris only breaks down into smaller particles which are referred to as micro-plastics. The environmental impact of these is still being determined. Enough time has been wasted and it is time to adapt a solution to this problem. This is where reusable metal straws come into place.


Importance of Using Reusable Metal Straws

One of the most effective ways to reduce the impact of plastic pollution is by reducing the impact of plastic straws on our environment which can be done by stopping the use of plastic straws and using reusable metal straws as an alternative. They are better than plastic straws and will help benefit the environment. The following are some of the reasons why reusable metal straws are just what need to be used.

Ease of Use & Safety

Although, there are many alternatives to plastic straws, such as bamboo and glass, however reusable metal straws are highly recommended. The thing about glass straws is that they might bring elegance to the dining table, but easily break. While on the other hand, bamboo straws might be eco-friendly, they are harder to clean and more likely to break.

Reusable metal straws in comparison to glass and bamboo straws are more durable and safer. Besides, they are rust-proof which is why there is no need to worry about reusing them after a few uses.

Easy to Clean

Nobody likes to clean and that is why reusable metal straws are just what one needs. They are easy to clean. Just like any other metal kitchenware, reusable metal straws are dishwasher-safe. Hence, cleaning them is as easy as washing your hands. All one has to do is rinse the straws after usage and to toss them right into the dishwasher.

Besides just being dishwasher safe, reusable metal straws even come with a cleaning brush when bought. This allows them to be easily cleaned with minimum effort. Maintaining reusable metal straws is simple.

Elegant & Unique

Just about everyone prefers a set of elegant cutlery in their home. This is why they need reusable metal straws. Why not show off the kitchenware’s silverware with reusable metal straws. The uniqueness of these straws and their shiny aesthetic makes them look elegant. Their shiny aesthetic matches the cutlery effortlessly and makes everything standout.

Ease of Portability

Reusable metal straws have a sleek sturdy metallic build which makes them easy to pack and carried around on the go. While other materials such as glass or plastic are rather fragile and easily lose their appeal.

Furthermore, reusable metal straws are the ideal choice for anyone that enjoys drinking fruit smoothies/ juices while at work. They can be packed easily and used at the office or wherever one works.


Producing plastic is cheap but it has many environmental implications. Governments have started to realize the harms of plastic being used which is why more efforts are being taken to promote alternative items which are reusable. This is why reusable metal straws are a great choice.

The thing about plastic straws is that they are designed to be only used once and then they are thrown away. This has only created an environmental disaster. On the other hand, metal straws are highly durable and easily reusable. Metal is more durable than plastic and will easily last for many years if properly maintained and cleaned.


The production of plastic releases toxic fumes and chemicals which eventually make their way into the earth’s environment through land, water and air pollution, this leads to serious consequences. To make things even worse, plastic straws and plastic in general is normally improperly disposed since they make their way into our oceans and lakes. Thus, plastic pollution harms our ecosystems and marine wildlife.

For instance, when ingested, the plastic particles are extremely toxic for the marine life. The larger particles also choke animals that mistake them for food and clog the gills of fishes. By using reusable metal straws, most of these negative effects are entirely mitigated. Using the same reusable metal straws over a period of time will reduce pollution caused by the manufacturing process of plastic. Hence, reusable metal straws are more environmentally friendly.

Less Waste in Landfills

Without a doubt, the largest component of plastic waste can be found in landfills. Hundreds of millions of metric tons of plastic is produced each year and only a small percentage of it actually gets recycled, while the rest of it ends up in landfills and our ocean.

It takes thousands of years for plastic to decompose and degrade which means that a whole millennium would suffer from its dangerous pollutants. By using reusable metal straws there would be less wastage in landfills.

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