Ever since the 21st century and the availability of internet, traveling has become more of an expected thing than a privilege. People travel to new countries and cities in search of something new. One of the most important things that travelers need to use is a booking tour website. The number of websites which help book tours has skyrocketed and that is why it can be difficult to find a good booking tour website. This post looks at the top sites for booking tours. These top 7 sites for booking tours will enhance your traveling experience. Following are the best sites for booking tours.

  1. Viator

When it comes to the touring industry, Viator is a name that just about everyone knows about. It hosts more than 200,000 around the world and there are more than a million reviews on the website to help you choose the ultimate tour according to your taste. Viator is a large reputable company which you can actually trust to take care of your needs.

Tours are created by Viator by including all or specific attractions around the location when travels to. The site specializes in all types of trips such as day trips in the main city to different parts of the city or the surrounding area. The service consists of many of the hidden gems which you might not have heard of but would be delighted to head. There are also exclusive deals which are available on the tour. You can also use the website to look out for some special discounts.

  1. City Pass

City Pass is a popular website for booking tours. It is an American company which provides discounted ticket packages to some of the best tourist attractions in North America. If you are planning a vacation within the United States in cities like Houston, Denver, Boston, or Atlanta to name a few, you would find City Pass to be a lifesaver. Save up by using the website. It is just what every budget-conscious tourist needs.

Working with major attractions allows City Pass to offer you amazing discount packages. Once a package has been purchased, one would have complete access to the listed attractions for a specific time period. One would be able to visit the attractions within the package. If you are someone who has a busy lifestyle, then you will be relieved to know that you can purchase tickets right from your phone.

By purchasing packages, you get to save up to 50 percent on many of the popular tourist attractions. However, if you end up visiting many destinations, then it might not be worth it.

  1. Airbnb

Known for being one of the best websites for booking, Airbnb has truly made a name for itself. It goes beyond what a traditional tour looks like and instead designs a tour consisting of activities that are led by the local hosts.

The world is moving towards a different kind of vacation, one which is local or that makes you feel like a local. Airbnb has made great strides in this area and it allows hosts to show you their culture from a local perspective. The hosts will provide you with insights into their home cities, culture, history and the hidden gems. There is no better way to spend the holidays than going by going local.

Airbnb truly allows you to get out of your bubble and see the world. Your experiences will be as diverse as the hosts on Airbnb. You have the option to book surfing lessons or cooking classes and more.

  1. Get Your Guide

If you are someone that abhors standing in line to buy a ticket, then you will find Get Your Guide to be incredibly helpful. It does all the work for you by getting all of the tickets in advances so you end up spending less time waiting. And, instead have more time to enjoy your trip.

Besides just booking tickets, the site can used to book unique experiences, day tips, activities and more. It is one of the best sites for booking tours. Why waste hours waiting in lines when you can use Get Your Guide to stay ahead of the pack.

  1. Expedia

Expedia is one the best booking sites out there. It allows you to plan your entire vacation since you to book flights, hotels and more on the website. The cheapest flights can be booked on the site. Expedia has started to offer much more than just hotels and flights, but instead it offers users with an experience.

Save time and money by using Expedia. It is extremely reliable and offers 24/7 customer support unlike any other booking tour website out there. There are single day tours, full vacation packages and various payment options on the site which make it the ultimate place to plan your next holiday.

  1. Ceetiz Tours

Having been founded in 2012, Ceetiz is a French Start-Up that has taken the hospitality industry by a storm. It came out of nowhere and brought the idea of customized tours which consist of different activities and tours. Whether you plan to visit Dubai or somewhere in Karachi, the website is just what you need.

Ceetiz is definitely worth the look as it offers some of the best discounts on activities and tours for different groups of people. Whether you are traveling on your own or with your family, there is something for everyone that the website is known for.

  1. Klook Tours

Based out of Hong Kong, Klook is a booking tours website which mainly has a focus on Asian countries. It brings together local tour operators and offers you a unique local experience which many booking tour websites fail to provide.

Whether you want an authentic trip around Thailand or Vietnam, Klook Tours will offer you just what you want.