You are certainly heard that the e-commerce industry is constantly developing and recording record revenues. No wonder, because online shopping is a very convenient solution for many people.

Although it may seem like a very lucrative activity at first, in fact, running an online shop can be a challenge. However, there is no golden recipe for high sales because there are many factors that influence this.

One of them is the sales platform. A very popular solution is an online shop in WooCoomerce, to which this text will be devoted.

Let’s see if it’s worth running a shop with this add-on, let’s get to know the advantages of such a solution and see what possibilities it offers.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in

Let’s start with the fact that WooCommerce is an add-on, or rather a plugin for the world’s most popular CMS WordPress system.

This means that any page on WordPress can be successfully extended by an online store. It is advantageous in that it is estimated that almost 1/3 of websites is based on this software.

Therefore, these websites have an easy possibility to use ready-made software to start selling on the Internet.

It is free

Another thing is that the WooCommerce plugin itself is free. So is WordPress. So if you want to use it, you don’t have to pay any fees – at least in theory.

Why? The free option is to use all the default shop views and that the owner will configure everything on his own. Not everyone has the time for this and above all the necessary knowledge.

In fact, we use free software, but its further configuration will probably be outsourced to WooCommerce agency. Such agencies as pictibe ( ) have in their offer professional store optimization, its design, installation of additional plugins, target group analysis and many other services. For shops that have a lot of products, the assistance of the agency is highly recommended.

In addition, you may also have to pay for any add-ons, as not everything is “in the package”. If you want to integrate a shop with external services (e.g. invoicing, payment methods) you have to use paid plug-ins.

A wide range of different motifs

An unquestionable advantage of a shop based on WooCommerce are numerous motifs, the so-called ready-made graphics, which define how the shop will look like.

There is a whole lot of them to choose from. There are free motifs, as well as paid ones. Although there is a huge gap between them (in terms of appearance, functionality), so the choice of paid solutions is almost mandatory.

The advantage of choosing such a paid motif is also that it is cheaper than creating a dedicated motif from scratch, tailored to your tastes. Choosing a ready-made motif, the company creating the shop has already defined its appearance, so the working time is undoubtedly shorter.

Easily expandable with plug-ins

Internet shop on WooCommerce is also scalable, so it can be easily expanded with new functions. Just install the plugin to WooCommerce to introduce a new thing.

You can imagine this on the basis of modules that you put or take away. These plugins are both free and paid. It all depends on your specific needs.

Nevertheless, there are many thousands of ready-made solutions on the market, so with the development of the store you can add additional possibilities at any time.

Sale of so-called virtual products

What is interesting, the shop on WooCommerce also supports the sale of non-physical products, i.e. virtual products. Guide books in PDF format, courses, admission tickets, downloads and bookings can be fully supported.

So you don’t have to sell a physical product that you can touch. There is also a lot of flexibility here.

Is WooCommerce software safe?

The online shop on WooCommerce is safe in itself. If we update the plug-in and WordPress on a regular basis, there is no harm in it and you can feel safe.

However, if you follow this lead, you should be aware that there are no 100% secure IT systems. If someone wants to break something, they will do it and hire appropriate specialists. The question is, however, at what cost and whether it will be worthwhile.