Online Sports Betting in Slovenia: How and Where to Place Your Bet

Sporting games have resumed fully, not just in Slovenia and Europe alone, but across the world as well. Hence, many pundits, bookmakers, and bettors will be looking forward to making some money as they wager on different games online to win cash prizes. 

However, if you’re still wondering about how and where to place your bet on sporting games to earn money considering the uncertainties and unclear situations on online sports betting in Slovenia, quickly check bet365 Slovenija to find the latest and correct news on betting tips, odds and game predictions.

Current Situation on Online Sport Betting in Slovenia

The 2016 Gambling Act in Slovenia created the licensing and regulation of all gambling activities in the country. This latest Gambling Act limits the online betting undertakings to Sportna Loterija as the only operator. As a state monopoly with no competition, many Slovenian bettors continued to complain about the unsatisfactory services offered by Sport Loterija, hence, they seek international online bookmakers.

What Attracts Slovenian Punters to Seek International Betting Sites

According to Tomaš Selinec, an expert in online sports betting, it has been observed that certain things attract Slovenian punters to international betting sites, some of which include high odds, numerous sporting games to choose from, diverse betting options, bigger bonuses, in-play betting, responsive customer service support, etc. As a punter, you can follow Tomaš Selinec and view his profile here to know more about him. 

Popular Sports offered on Bet365 Slovenija for Slovenians

When it comes to online sports betting, there are various sporting games to choose from and place your bet. However, some sports are more popular, and easier to understand their betting odds. Not only that, Slovenians love to bet on some popular sporting games. And because of that, they look for International Online Betting Sites that can offer them those services.

Although there are various online gambling markets with many sports on the websites, bet365 Slovenija ensures Slovenians can bet regularly on these four popular sports


Without a doubt, football is the most widely known sport around the world. It is also the most famous sporting game in Slovenia. The country has a top-flight Slovenian PrvaLiga, and at the same time, has the Men’s National Football Team, who qualified twice for the FIFA world cup in 2002 and 2010. 

Hence, it is not surprising that Slovenian punters generally place their bet on football matches across the world, including popular major league matches like English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and the German Bundesliga.


Due to the climatic and topography nature of the country, the people of Slovenia have developed to love the game of Skiing. Whether, Alpine skiing, ski jumping, or cross-country skiing, Slovenians enjoy, playing, watching, and betting on these popular winter sports games.

Ice Hockey

Just like Skiing, another popular sport among Slovenians is Ice Hockey. With a Slovenian Hockey League consisting of eight teams, Punters in the country can choose to either bet on local games or international games such as National Hockey League in the United States and Canada. Betting on Ice Hockey is easier for Slovenians as they understand the game.


Another top sport Slovenian bettors enjoy is Basketball games. The country has a Slovenian Basketball League which popularizes the game. Consequently, the love of basketball games has made many Slovenians not just watch and play the game, but also bet on them. Either local leagues or NBA, there are online betting tips, predictions, and the latest odds available on bet365 Slovenija to guide punters.


The Future of Online Betting in Slovenia

At the moment, it is no secret that online sports betting in Slovenia have some unclear terms, especially for the international online sports website. Nevertheless, there are no clear-cut sanctions or penalties on online sports betting to anybody, either the foreign bookmaker websites or punters themselves. As a result, many bettors who found the services of online sports betting websites other than Sportna Loterija, attractive, especially the like of bet365 Slovenija quickly and easily place their bet with little or no risk involved. Also, just like many of these international online betting websites, the bet365 Slovenija is well regulated elsewhere by authorities like the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) or the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). You can also visit their website to check more on them, including the latest rulings, and regulations guiding their operation activities.

For Slovenians, it can only get better. There is still an opportunity to place bets both locally and on international online sport betting websites. This should serve as an advantage, giving them choice to choose. This will also make the betting websites, particularly the foreign bookmakers to adjust their operation activities to suits the demands of the local punters and improve their values for them.

While the rules and regulations concerning online sports betting might still change for some time before they reach a definite and concise ruling, the bettors should utilize the moment to earn more cash rewards through betting as sports games finally resume across the world.