Have you ever been to an award ceremony or on any event? Have you ever been a person who has witnessed red carpet glamour? A beautiful red carpet gives a rich look to any event. There is always a backdrop at the end of the red carpet where mostly people stand in order to get their photographs done.  I always wanted to be one of those who stand there at the front with all the glamour and the beautiful backdrop behind them. I have seen beautiful backdrops at a lot of events such as red carpet events, weddings, trade shows, conventions, demo days, grand openings, launches, promotions, media production, birthdays, graduations, family reunions, church events and much more!

Red Carpet

A red carpet is a long sleek fancy red cloth that is has been traditionally used any the heads of any state for their formal gatherings and important events. But now days the red carpet tradition has been followed by all the VIP’s of any country and even the celebrities’ at their formal events or award shows. The red carpet is the sign of grace and respect to the honorary people of the society. As the red carpets rolls over the ropes extends to the extent of it and all the photographers, videographers and fans stand behind the ropes witnessing the very definition of glam.


Red Carpet Backdrop

A red carpet backdrop is a fancy stand that is situated at the end of the red carpet where the celebrities or VIP’s stand to get the photographs or videos done. Mostly people on an event sit at the front of the backdrop for interviews. These are the high quality banners stand in any event that is present there to impress the photographers or the videographers. The red carpet backdrops are finest for any red carpet event. This backdrop is also called ‘step and repeat’. It is called step and repeat because an image is used multiple times on the background in similar patterns for the sake of promotion and the photography. A good red carpet backdrop leaves a memorable memory of the particular event. Plexiglass looks pretty good and it is a cheaper option, also it can be found in various shapes, sizes, and colors on cutmyplastic.co.uk.


Purpose and significance of a Red Carpet Backdrop

A red carpet backdrop gives a glamorous look to the celebrities or VIP’s on any event. They are carefully selected and designed in order to get good photographs and video takes for the people standing in front of it.  These red carpet backdrops are used predominantly for any event that has a lot to do with photography. The red carpet backdrops are also present there on events to show appreciation to the sponsors and also for the promotion of a particular brand or a brand’s product. They create awareness about their product in the market of rich people. The vendors of the red carpet backdrops sometimes charge a sponsorship fee to the companies or brands who ask to display their products or want their businesses to be featured on the backdrop.


Size of the Red Carpet Backdrop

The red carpet backdrop varies from size to size depending on the funding of the event. The most common size for ant red carpet backdrop or step and repeat backdrop is 8’ x 8’ which gives a good look to the event. Most of the big events, meetings or award shows share this popular size of red carpet backdrop i.e. 8’ x 8’.


Fabric of the Red Carpet Backdrop

The fabric that is used for the red carpet backdrops must be wrinkle free. It must not be shinny as the shine will affect the quality of the image being captured or the video being made of the people who are standing at the front of the backdrop. The fabric used to make the red carpet backdrops are mostly vinyl, poster paper, canvas or any adhered material placed or attached to a hard surface such as the plywood or foam core. These fabrics help in good production of the images being captured. Now a day’s people also witness that the red carpet backdrops are made with greenery and are called green backdrop or green step and repeat backdrop.


General Ideas for ordering a Red Carpet Backdrop

There are a number of companies and studios that take orders for backdrops for red carpet events. Following is the list of the general ideas that are too kept in mind in order to get a good red carpet backdrop or step and repeat drop.

  • Normally studios that make red carpet backdrops are made from premium 14 oz. heavy duty vinyl material.
  • These use matte finishing on their customized step and repeat backdrops.
  • Backdrops in studios are printed on full color CMYK digital printing that is durable.
  • The backdrop must be water resistant and UV coated.
  • The backdrop must have a relatable design and print all of the products in-house.
  • The basic and most popular size of the backdrop is 8’ x 8’ but some studios can print sizes up to 8 ft. x 150 ft. all-in-one.
  • Pole pockets can also be added to the backdrop on customized demands.
  • Pole pockets are highly recommended by good studios that make backdrops.
  • The backdrop that is to be delivered to some other city is normally shipped in a tube.
  • The backdrop banner is never folded because a backdrop must never have creases.
  • Most backdrops studios include free hem and grommets.
  • Studios normally ship the backdrop in one or two days of order date but in case of emergency this may take additional charges but would be delivered on the same date.
  • Large volume red carpet backdrops can take additional time in deliverance.
  • For individual logos on the backdrops, a good studio that makes good backgrounds normally recommend that each logo should be at least 1000px wide.
  • Before ordering your backdrops select the desired fabric.
  • Make sure you have seen some samples of the backdrops before you order your!