Our Tips To Choose The Best Kayak


If you are a big fan of water sports and want to pursue it, then kayak is something you need to invest your money in.

It will be a long lasting investment if you choose the right kayak. When it comes to choosing the right kayak, there are a lot of factors you need to keep in mind. For instance, usage, hull, weight, the need for a kayak trailer and where exactly you will use your kayak.

Apart from using kayak for water sports, you can also take it out on a sunny day and just relax. The real mistake people make is that they don’t think before buying. People buy things without looking in to its quality.

But don’t worry. I will be telling you about some tips for choosing the right kayak so that your investment doesn’t get waste. Let’s get you started!


Usage will be determined in terms of the area you want you use your kayak. There are many types of kayak and they all have different usage:


  • Quite affordable
  • Good for short use
  • If you are looking for a boat that you want to use in flat water, then this is the one for you
  • Storage is limited (check Outdoor Play for storage racks)
  • You can carry very few things
  • It not best if you want to navigate it in rough waters


  • Efficient than recreational kayaks
  • Sleek and versatile
  • Gives you comfortable travel even in rough water
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to transport
  • Huge storage space
  • Other touring kayaks are basically long boats which are more efficient than these
  • They work best for long distance routes


  • It is portable and easy to use
  • Can be easily folded
  • Easy to handle
  • Can be stored in large boats as well


  • Versatile
  • Huge storage space
  • Are not that fast and should be kept near shore
  • Look for those inflatable kayaks which can easily bounce off obstacles


  • It can be used by either two or one person
  • They are huge and are stable
  • It is basically meant for beginners who want to navigate a kayak
  • You can also take your family out on them
  • Can be converted into solo kayaks

White water:

  • These kayaks are used in white water where the water is rapid and there are strong currents
  • Turning is easy
  • They perform best in rough water
  • Compacted and has narrow ends


Stability of a kayak depends on its hull. A kayak should always be stable because if it is, then the chances of flipping over in water are less. There are different types of hull:


  • Offers increase stability
  • It works best in flat water
  • It is the best for people who are looking for recreational purposes
  • Gives you more speed due to its roundness


  • The main focus of the v-shaped hull is to make the kayak navigate in a straight line
  • Good for recreational factors
  • It works best when you are going on a long route
  • Primary stability is less in it but it gives you secondary stability


  • Increase stability
  • Works best in flat water
  • Best for recreational purposes
  • It navigates slowly

Displacement hull:

  • These are efficient because of its curves
  • It has a special keel which improves its stability as well as tracking


  • If you paddle slow, it runs smoothly
  • These are a bit hard to handle and require some special skills


Weight is essential when it comes to buying a kayak. Light weigh kayaks are easy to handle. Are speedy and allow you to carry more stuff with you because of its weight. The weight depends on the material you are using in making your own kayak. They can be made of:

Polyethylene plastic:

  • It is not that expensive
  • It can be ruined by the sun rays so you need to be careful about that
  • It is a bit heavy

ABS plastic:

  • Expensive but durable
  • It is light weight
  • It will not be damaged by the sun rays and will give you more stability and long term usage


  • These type of kayaks are made up of several materials rather than just one material
  • Materials combined give you a high quality kayak which also good in performance
  • Durability is high
  • They are light weight
  • They navigate fast
  • A bit expensive
  • Material can be a bit sensitive and can break easily


  • Wood makes the durability of kayaks high
  • The kayaks also look aesthetically pleasing
  • Kayak flows well in water because of the wood
  • It is flexible
  • There are various designs when it comes to wood


The spot where the kayak will be used

This is something to consider at the back of your mind because this will determine that what kind of kayak you should buy. Some of the places where you would want to use your kayak are:


If you live near a lake, then the kayak you would get for yourself will give you a great amount of relaxation as well as the best kayak experience.

If the weather is good and windy, you can take your kayak on the lake and enjoy the windy weather. You can also go on fishing. If you have a thing for fishing, you can buy the best fishing kayaks.


If you take your kayak to the coastal areas, then it might be a difficult experience for you as a beginner because of the waves, tides and everything. For that, you can get yourself a motorized kayak so that you can easily navigate the water in hard condition. If you go to a coastal area on a day when the water is calm, that would be a great experience for you as you can sit on top and enjoy the view and the weather!


If you want a kayak to navigate on a river, make sure that you get the most stable one. If you wish to go on a whiter water river, then get yourself a kayak which is speedy and super stable at the same time.

Buying a kayak is not only about paying money and getting a kayak. It is a long lasting investment. Make sure that you keep all of the things mentioned above in your mind and get a kayak according to your preference. Choose the hull, weight, usage and area carefully before buying it!