7 Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Buying prescription glasses can be a laborious task when you don’t have much expertise in the field. Your optometrist ophthalmologist may tell you about your eyesight parameters but what to do if one wants to buy prescription glasses online? Or what if you want to buy tailored-made prescription glasses?

That’s where we come into the picture. Buying prescription glasses online is not only time saving but the purchase is cheap as well. Online websites will provide you relevant details of your product coupled so you can choose your desired fit.

However, there are some crucial things one needs to take into account before he/she decides to buy glasses online.

Let’s look into details.


1.   Durability of your product

It is of no use if your new glasses break easily or catch scratch instantly. One thing you need to be sure of is the durability of your glasses frame. If you’re into sports or have children at home, Online retailers should offer lenses and add-ons with high impact resistance which fall in line with your comfort and lifestyle. You also need to make sure that these prescription glasses and lenses come with maximum protection for eyes. Materials like polycarbonate lenses, UV protection,anti-glare and scratch resistant lenses screen will ensure that you enjoy safety and easement.


2.   High index, progressive or multifocal lenses

Many online retailers do not fulfill complex demands of fitting a multifocal lens. These intricate prescriptions are significant to your eyesight. However, at Shadesspot.com, you can rest assured. Here, the manufacturers carefully design each pair of glasses under the supervision of experts.

High index lenses are thinner than polycarbonate lenses containing optimum tensile strength to offer longevity. These must be used for prescriptions lower than -4 and higher than +3.50.


3.   Acceptance of vision benefits

Vision insurance does not include in the “terms and privacy” policies of many online retailers. Without vision insurance, you may be forced to compromise either on value or selection.

Shadesspot.com takes special care of their customers by accepting their vision benefits online. The best part is there is no lengthy paperwork. Many online retailers have affiliated themselves with in-network providers to give you the best of both the worlds.


4.   Abundance of Variety

The more variety an online retailer offers you, the better product you are likely to get. It is always suggested for customers to buy more than one pair in case you lose your old one. This saves you from unnecessary trouble. Shadesspot.com will help you find your perfect fit offering a variety of not only prescription glasses but sunglasses as well. Moreover, they have numerous brands to choose from. Some of them are;

  • Tom Ford
  • Valentino
  • Versace
  • Vogue
  • Tiffany & Co
  • Tag Heuer
  • Ray Ban
  • Prada Sport
  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • Calvin Klein
  • Balmain
  • Burberry


5.   Trying before buying

It is always advisable to try your product beforehand to avoid composite exchange policies. Some online glasses retailers have virtual try-on facilities for a better experience.

Others offer opportunities to drop glasses at your door for a trial period! Shadesspot.com have an online slideshow with different glasses categories, be it prescription glasses or sunglasses.


6.   Ensure your Perfect Fit

Finding your required match and fit is the first and foremost priority. Many online retailers find it hard to find frames which fit you easily. Sometimes, miscommunication can occur while explaining details online. We suggest you have your measurements recorded by a professional to avoid any last minute mishaps. If your prescribed frames do not fit you well, it can cause you vision problems. This can make you uncomfortable and be a cause of headache as you have to struggle to see clearly. This can put pressure on your brain and and your muscles become weak when you fail to focus on your task.


7.   Safe shipment

Buying prescription glasses online is a fast method but are you willing to pay for shipment cost? What is the standard delivery time? What if you don’t like your glasses? What if you get the wrong item? Is it you who would be paying to ship back the returned item or is the way around? These questions can only be answered by approaching your online retailers. Therefore, make sure you thoroughly check out the website before you make your purchase.


Bonus Section

Looking for a handsome discount? we know where to look for. Shadesspot.com offers discounts, and gift cards for prescription glasses and best sunglasses for men and women. They also have awesome aviator sunglasses for men and women. Moreover, they are giving a chance to avail 50% sale on your favourite brands like Ray-Ban, Prada, Versace, Persol and Armani Exchange.


How to pay at Shadesspot.com?

Although there are many online prescription glasses stores all over the internet, we will still recommend you to go for the best one. Customers can pay either through credit cards or PayPal accounts.


Maximum processing time

Their processing time for stock orders is 24 hours. However, in case of prescription glasses, these are all customized and therefore, require time .


Shipment strategy

Processing time and shipment time at Shadesspot.com does not overlap. Once your order is placed, it is shipped through your chosen shipping method. It usually takes up to 2-4 business days if you live in the United States and 6-10 days if the order is placed outside the States.


Shadesspot.com Exchange and Return Policy

If their customers are not fully satisfied with their glasses, you can always send it back to their company. However, this return should be made within 14 days for domestic customers and 21 days for international customers.

If you would like to exchange your glasses, head to their website and fill in the “return request” section to place a new order.

So don’t wait up and check out Shadesspot.com today. For ease of selection, go to their best selling section where you’ll find the hottest in demand. Get advantage of those exciting discounts offers and enjoy a comfortable vision!