The sunny pleasant weather of Palm Springs, California attracts tourists from around the world, particularly those looking to get away from colder winter climates. With so many travelers coming through, Palm Springs has built up its tourism industry to provide every visitor with something to enjoy. From outdoor natural adventures to classy city vibes, you’ll never be short on things to do when you go to Palm Springs.


To begin with, Palm Springs enjoys a great location between San Diego and Los Angeles, making trips to either of these cities possible in conjunction with traveling to Palm Springs. Within the city you’ll find a dynamic combination of modern shopping centers, interesting museums, and a wide variety of restaurants and accommodation options. To make your trip more meaningful, you might want to find a photographer from Localgrapher who can help make sure that the best parts of the vacation are caught on camera. The special atmosphere of Palm Springs is going to be something you won’t want to forget.

Just outside of Palm Springs is the majestic Mount San Jacinto, upon which was built the popular Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. For a spectacular view of the city and the surrounding landscape, you can ride up the tram cable car to the observation point which also has a restaurant and historical information about the area. It’s always cooler up on top of the mountain, and can become cold in the winter, so make sure you dress appropriately. Photographers in Palm Springs will love the vista out across the city and the desert stretching out beyond.

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Another great natural area to visit when you’re traveling to Palm Springs are the Indian Canyons. The 15-mile long canyon has plenty of hiking trails through the picturesque desert scenery, cacti and large boulders, and if you’re lucky some wild animals as well. There are oasis sites with restaurants and trading post-style stores selling trinkets and souvenirs.

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One of the things Palm Springs is most famous for are the excellent golf courses. These stunning green landscapes are perfect, especially in the winter, for fun golfing outings. It’s any golf-lovers dream come true, with several different courses to chose from ranging in quality, size, and price. With the bright green grass and majestic mountains rising in the distance, the golf courses are a great place to enjoy the outdoor scenery and wonderful weather of Palm Springs.

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Within the city you can explore various museums and cultural attractions. The Palm Springs Art Museum has a combination of art displays and showcasing performing arts. From an outdoor sculpture garden to historic artwork from Native Americans, the museum is well worth and afternoon to browse the galleries. Every Thursday evening in Palm Springs there is also a special cultural event, called VillageFest. The celebration brings together musicians, artists, and crafts-workers to the central downtown area where a street is closed off for the event. You can come and explore the various crafts and maybe pick up a souvenir, or just enjoy the atmosphere and get some good pictures for your photography vacation.

The great combination of activities in Palm Springs will keep your vacation diverse and interesting. Palm Springs can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you want it to be, making it the perfect travel destination for people of all interests and ages.