In the UK, vaporizer fans debate endlessly about which of these is the ‘Apple’ of the vaporizer world and both sides put forward a good argument!

Spending £200 on a vaporizer is a big decision for anybody so we decided to stack these two vaping behemoths side by side and find out which is the most innovative brand.


Product Range


Simply put, Pax Labs create the best-looking vaporizers in the market today.

It wouldn’t be too far fetched to believe that Pax labs have taken design notes from Steve Jobs and John Ive.

Their latest device, the Pax 3 is made out of a single sheet of anodized aluminium and the mouthpiece is flush to the body. Similar to Mac products, the lights on the Pax doesn’t flash, they breathe. This gives their devices an almost sentient look.

However, it would be wrong to assume the Pax 3 is just about aesthetics; they perform great too.

Somehow, Pax’s engineers have managed to cram a powerful 3500mAh battery into the vaporizers body. The fact that they’ve to manage to fit one of the industry’s largest capacity batteries into one of the smallest ever devices is astonishing. Furthermore, the Pax will produce great tasting vapour from its high-quality stainless steel oven in around 15 seconds.


Storz & Bickel

Typical of German engineering, Storz & Bickel products put function before aesthetics and it shows.

Their products have an almost industrial look to them and they wouldn’t win a beauty contest. However, S&B’s entire product range includes the best-performing vaporizers available today.


Storz & Bickel have a wider product range than Pax Labs. They boast a home desktop vaporizer, The Volcano, their flagship portable, The Mighty and their pocket vape, The Crafty.


Despite their industrial look and hi-tech features, The Mighty and the Crafty are surprisingly intuitive. You can just turn them on and vape away. The innovate features inside the vape work so well in unison, that they render the instruction manuals redundant.


Winner – STORZ & BICKEL! Pax Vaporizers look great but Storz & Bickel’s commitment to performance over aesthetics and wider product range mean they have a vape for everyone.


Pax Labs 0 – S&B 1



Whilst being great performers, both the Pax 1 and 2 were pretty standard conduction vapes with no real innovation to write home about.

However, this changed with the Pax 3. The engineers clearly put the work in to make their new flagship a real statement vape.

The Pax 3 has three game change features :


  • Vaping modes – temperature control on a vaporizer is pretty standard but the Pax 3 is the only vaporizer available that offers four vaping modes giving users complete control. Users can choose between stealth, efficiency, boost and flavour
  • App – The Pax 3 has an app that is available on both Android and iPhones. It connects effortlessly via Bluetooth. Rather than be restricted by the four settings on the device, the app allows you to set the desired temperature to the exact degree.
  • Lip sensing technology – The Pax 3 also has lip sensing technology which is far more useful than I thought. Basically, when you pick it up to vape, it’ll ramp up heating and vapour production but cool down when you put it back on the table. Not only does this save lots of battery power but it also saves vaping materials too.


Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel’s portable vaporizers make use of several patented features that are unique to their devices. These work in unison to produce some of the thickest and flavourful clouds money can buy.


  • Cooling unit – After vaping with S&B’s proprietary cooling unit you’ll never want to go back! The cooling unit takes the hot air from the oven and brings it to a temperature cool enough to maximise flavour and reduce the risk of throat burn.
  • App – Whilst there is no app available for the Mighty, the Crafty comes with an impressive smartphone app for both Android and iOS.
  • Hybrid heating technology – Typically a vaporizer either implements convection heating or conduction. Usually, convection vaporizers heat efficient but are incredibly slow whilst conduction vaporizers are powerful but do not heat the oven evenly. All Storz & Bickel products implement hybrid heating technology. Hybrid heating has all the advantages of conduction and convection with none of the disadvantages resulting in the best vapour produced of any oven.


Winner – DRAW! Storz & Bickel’s innovations are not only at the forefront of vaping technology they’re patented too which means you one find them in anything else. However, the Pax also deserves a round of applause for bringing new technologies to the industry. After using lip sensing technology and vaping modes, other vapes will seem primitive.



Pax Labs 1 – S&B 2


Value for money


In the UK, the current Pax range has 3 lines.

The Pax 2 serves as Pax’s current entry-level device and is just £119. The Pax 3 device only is £168 whilst the flagship model Pax 3 Complete Kit is £219.

This offers mid-level pricing for a luxury vaporizer and has a range wide enough to offer options for both veterans and those new to vaping.


Storz & Bickel

S&B’s entry-level model is the Crafty, currently available in the UK for £204. The Mighty is £249 and their flagship, the Volcano Digit costs £399.

Despite the high quality of their products, S&B pricing puts their vaporizers out of reach for even the most serious in the hi-tech vaping community.

Winner – PAX. Pax is able to offer a vaporizer for anyone looking for a quality vaporizer

Pax 2 – S&B 2


Final Score :


Both these brands clearly deserve the praise that is aimed at them. Storz & Bickel, due to their commitment to creating the very greatest products and Pax for creating devices that look and feel great. It is clear that they both  push the technological frontiers of vaping.

Pax 2 – S&B 3