Your ATV Helmet Guide

atv helmet

ATVs are extremely famous recreational vehicles and enjoy great popularity amongst youngsters. If you love also to ride an ATV, then you definitely need to get good atv helmets for you. The significance of owning a good helmet shouldn’t ever be underestimated. Over 27% of ATV riders have experienced neck and head injury. Thus, you need to ensure that you are equipped with right ATV helmets which give you all the protection that you need. If you have no idea which helmet you should go for, then here is a guide for you:


Types of ATV helmets

Full face helmet: This is the safest kind of helmet as it covers your complete head and face and gives you the highest amount of protection. However, they are heavy and render less airflow near your head.

Open face helmet: This type of helmet doesn’t cover your full face. Though your head remains fully protected, the face is fully exposed. If you don an open face helmet, you should put your eye wear too.

Modular helmet: It is a versatile type of helmet as it functions as three quarter helmet. It means it can work like open face helmet and full face helmet too. They are suitable for all types of riders.

Off-road helmet: They are highly popular with ATV riders. They cover your head but leave your face, except for chin and mouth.


What all you should look for while buying a helmet?

After you have decided the kind of helmet you want to purchase, take a look at the other specs too, before finalizing it:


If your helmet isn’t comfortable, you can’t wear it. Thus, you should check the comfort aspect first. Padding is the key to ensure that the helmet perfectly fits you and doesn’t put too much pressure on your head and face. Your helmet should feel like a seal around your ear but shouldn’t touch it.

If your helmet is modular, then check if the face shield can easily be opened or not. It should remain in one place after being raised. Lastly, the face shield shouldn’t distort your vision or block your view.



Before you purchase a good quality helmet to get maximum protection during bike riding, you should ensure that your helmet is accredited to meet security standards. DOT and Snell are the major certifications for ATV helmets. If you have a helmet with face shield, then make sure that the face shield is also certified.



The major part which protects your head during accident is the helmet’s EPS lining. The Styrofoam like cushion is excellent in absorbing max force. You should choose a helmet with tougher and thicker EPS and ensure that it covers the whole of your helmet and chin bar, if your helmet has it.


Other features

Apart from this, you should focus on the colors, removal interiors, ventilation and face shield during your purchase.

Now that you know what to look for when buying ATV helmets, remember to check for your purchase. See more of helmet designs and styles here and pick the one which matches your preference and requirement now.