Pentecostal Churches in San Antonio Texas

If you live in San Antonio, TX chances are you’ve come across a couple of Pentecostal churches.

Over the years Pentecostal churches have sprung up from all corners of the world since their conception in the 1900s in America. Pentecostal churches have developed a certain reputation among the various different Christian churches not just in America but the world as well.

The history of the Christian church is a complicated one and has always faced criticism both from outsiders and within. They say change is inevitable and for the most part the church does move on, When this happens those who leave criticize those who stay and those who stay accuse the movers of heresy. To understand Pentecostals it is important to know that there are many Pentecostal beliefs that differentiate them from other churches as well as the misconceptions when you hear of Pentecostal churches.


Brief history

Just like other Christian denominations the Pentecostal church came from other Christian denominations. There isn’t one specific founder of Pentecostalism but an amalgamation of various influences that came together to form the basic beliefs and ideas.



On like the Roman Catholic Church, There is not one single central organization that governs the churches that identify themselves with Pentecostalism. Pentecostal beliefs vary from one church to the next. However, there are core beliefs the Pentecostals share in. they include;

  • The celebration of Pentecost. As depicted in “Arts chapter 2” (the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ).
  • That Jesus is the Savior.
  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  • Speaking in “tongues”
  • Miraculous healing
  • Style of worship
  • That Jesus will come again to those who believe and have faith in him.

Though these are practiced in Catholic and Protestant churches, traditional Christians shy away from the idea of speaking in “tongues” or that miracles are happening around them.


While there are many Pentecostal Churches in San Antonio, If you live or find yourself in the San Antonio suburb of Schertz, TX and you are looking for or in need of a Church to worship I urge you to go to the Pentecostal Life Church. It will be an invigorating experience. You won’t regret it.

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