How to search for people online

Have you ever lived with a friend in the same neighborhood, gone to school with them and after high school graduation you lost touch with them? I know I have. Have you ever wanted to find them to know their whereabouts or at least see what they look like after all those years? Looking for a person is a time consuming and difficult thing to do especially if you have no idea where the person is. This is particularly true for military personnel’s. Fortunately there are websites out there like that is designed specifically for situations like these. Inputting information like the name, state, age etc. these sites will help you find people in no time.


So how can you search for people online?

  • Open a people search website (like
  • Input the name and state (or either name or state) of the person.
  • Hit the green “search now” button
  • Boom! That’s it.

This is how I tracked down a girl I met in high school. When I finally contacted her she couldn’t believe it how I managed to get hold of her. Needless to say, I was rewarded for my “hard work”.

If you are looking for a common name, most sites will provide you with a long list of people. You can filter by state and city if you already have the information. To shorten the long list of names it is important to know the middle name initials and the age. For example John D Scot, age -30.

N/B It is advisable to use people search engines that let you use middle name initials and age.


Like I said before there are many websites out there that allow you to search for people but not all people search websites are created equal. Trust me I tried many.

You will be amazed how quickly this site can deliver results.

Now if you have limited information about the person you want to find or you need features with extra ohm to find out more information about a person, for a small fee you can use the site to do searches like:

  • Finding sex offenders in your neighborhood
  • Catch cheaters and protect your family
  • Search anyone for a hidden past
  • Look up people from your past
  • And yes you can use it to search yourself to see what’s out there about you.

Think of it as a private investigator on steroids. You will be perplexed by the information this site can dig up.

For more information visit Try it for free and for a fraction of the cost of hiring a private eye you get enough “bang for the buck”



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