Self-isolation can be a drag. Staying home all the time can mean a lot of things – no more day-to-day banter with your colleagues, no more happy-hour drinks with friends, and if you’re single and unattached, it could also mean –*gasp*– a lot less sex. Even if you are in a relationship and isolating with your partner, it’s easy to fall into a repetitive loop in the bedroom when the rest of your life seems to be exhibiting Groundhog Day Syndrome. That is, if you’re even still having sex at all.

So, do you blame those in self-isolation who are rushing to the online sex stores to give their toy drawer a complete makeover?

It’s not surprising that sex toy sales have skyrocketed since the world has gone into lockdown. Cooped up, stressed out and looking for release, we’re here to announce that getting off is not only your outlet but your duty. That’s right – orgasms have been shown to boost your immune system. While it may not make you immune to the new coronavirus, having an orgasm does release stress-busting hormones and positive endorphins. And every bit helps, right?

From those isolating with a partner to the solo riders, people have begun to branch out and are realizing how many different sex toys are out there. By diversifying your collection and finding new ways to use old toys, you can give your sex life the spiritual face-lift it needs during these tough times. Without further ado, here is the one-stop shopping list of fantastic sex toys to add some zing to your self-isolation.


Bluetooth Connecting Vibrators

Thank goodness for the rise of technology and smart devices. While many are grateful for their latest flat screen TVs or smartwatches, we praise the creators of smart sex toys.

Now more than ever, we are all seeking connection. Whether you’re single, in a long-distance relationship, or hooking up with a buddy over Facetime, a toy with Bluetooth connectivity can do great things for your sex life.

Plenty of vibrators with Bluetooth connectivity allow you to give control of your toy to someone who is miles away. Their phone becomes a remote control to your pleasure, while your only job is to close your eyes and enjoy the ride, indulging in whatever your long-distance lover has in store for you. Many of these toys even give you the option to save a sequence and use it again later! They’re so dynamic and versatile, and can be used post-isolation just as well.


Rose Toy for Women

Rose toy for women is one of the most polular clitor stimulators in the worlds. It is so popular, mainly because it has a high degree of privacy and the rose symbolizes the meaning of love.

Rose sex toy has 7 modes and can be charged anywhere with the equipped USB charger base, enabling you to enjoy oral sex pleasure up to 2 hours after fully charged. It is made of medical-grade silicone, which is hygienic and odorless. This silky-touch clit sucker would bring more comfort to your private parts.


Anal Vibrators

Why do we love butt orgasms so much? Probably because they’re so complex, since there are so many nerve endings in and around the anus. Also, everyone has a butt, and you’ve got to love inclusivity.

Of course, many people are not comfortable with any forms of butt play, whether it’s for religious reasons, hygienic reasons or simply out of fear of things going awry. However, if you’re even just curious about anal play, a part of you knows how good it can feel to stimulate the sweet spots located in between those two cheeks you’ve got!

The awesome part about anal vibrators is the amount of versatility involved. When we say that anal vibes come in all shapes and sizes, we truly mean it. Probes, plugs, beads, prostate stimulators…whatever tickles your fancy, it exists. If you’re a beginner, you can find a tiny probe no bigger than your pinky finger, while more seasoned players can find stimulators way bigger than that. Anal vibes are great for anal training, or even just as a buzzy alternative to regular sex every once in a while.

The versatility of anal vibrators doesn’t begin and end with just their shapes and sizes – they also offer versatility in terms of use. Jeweled butt plugs are the most delicious accessories to sport when you want to put on a sexy strip tease or surprise your partner with a peep show. Butt plugs are ideal for slipping in when you want to add some pep in your step during a particularly tedious day – if you choose one with a flared base for easy retrieval, you can slip it in during your work-from-home workday or sport it while doing the dishes. The added pleasure is sure to make your day that much better, and it’s the perfect foreplay if you want to get in the mood for some more pleasure later on.

Our only request is to make sure to always use a ton of lube when playing with any anal toys!


Vibrating Cock Rings

Ah, cock rings. If at least one penis is involved, the must-have item in a couple’s toy box is a cock ring. Better yet, one that vibrates. A good vibrating cock ring is a game a changer – not only does it help the wearer stay harder for longer and have more intense orgasms, but many rings also provide clitoral or prostate stimulation to the receiver.

How does it work? When the wearer gets aroused, blood flow to the penis increases and the shaft swells – a.k.a. they get hard. The pliable ring is placed on the base of the penis and constricts the shaft, restricting the blood flow, letting the penis stay hard for longer than it usually would, and thus leading to a more intense erection when they finally finish.

If you’re new to cock rings, try and opt for a silicone one as opposed to a more advanced one made from stainless steel or hard plastic, since the latter are less flexible can feel more constricting. Keep in mind that with silicone toys, you should avoid silicone-based lubes as they can wear down silicone toys, so opt for your favorite water-based lube instead. Most importantly, make sure you don’t wear cock rings for too long. Limit the use to under 30 minutes a play session, since restricting the blood flow to the penis could cause some vascular or nerve damage if kept on for an excessive amount of time. Safe to say, if it hurts, take it off right away.

As long as you’re safe and listening to you and your partner’s bodies, there are so many fun ways to slip this little gadget into your sensual nights. If you like it, then you should have put a vibrating cock ring on it.