Have you ever considered modifying your watch with Seiko mod parts? Have you ever wondered what your watch will look like if you modified it?

Watches are great tools for keeping time but in a world where most watches look generic and manufacturers charge a premium for unique looking watches its easy to see why watch owners and watch enthusiast alike turn to Seiko mod experts.

I’m not what you will call a watch enthusiast but I certainly like a great time piece. I have two (the

Grand Seiko 44GS and Seiko SRP777) and like every thing else some watches will cost an “arm and a leg” to get.

So if you are like me and you like watches that are elegant, durable, and do not need you to break a bank to acquire, then the Seiko model line is the route to go.

Seiko watches are great and often hold sentimental value to their owners but I found that people want something a little more, something closer to their touch. That’s why the Seiko “modding” sub-culture is so popular.

These are experts who use Seiko mod parts for watch modification. It involves using hands, dials, bezel inserts, doing bead blasting, and more to make watches that fit your specific requirements.

Let me put it this way, suppose you love the case of the Seiko SNK809 but hate the face and the ridiculously annoying fabric strap? No problem. That can be sorted out with other Seiko mod parts or perhaps you have the classic Seiko divers watch , the SKX007 but you prefer a lighter leather straps to the heavy, chunky metal hands. Well, for a moderate price and with the availability of Seiko mod parts, you can have your own sub-lookalike watch, created in your own image.

Now i’m sure you are wondering if you will be happy with the fit and if the parts will work after modification.

Short answer, Yes! they will work together quite nicely.

Looking at a catalog of Modded Seiko SRP777, with a changed bezel and hands, its amazing how minor changes can make such a big difference.

While getting Seiko mod parts for a do it yourself project can be fun, I reckon you leave it to the professionals. So unless you really know what you are doing or you have loads of cash lying around, wrecking $200 or $300 worth of Seiko mod parts and damaging your watch in the process isn’t worth it.

That said, click the link to check out Seiko mod parts and get the best watch modifications.