We all know how frustrating and daunting it can be to fill out PDF forms. PlatoForms is software for filling out online PDF forms without any hassle. This SaaS enables you to fill out the forms in a professional, easy, and quick way. In this post, I have reviewed this wonderful software and how useful it is.

Let’s face it, we are living in a technologically advanced world where PDF forms are a popular and most preferred way of communication between businesses and customers. Handing out forms is a common and excellent way for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. Every business sends forms for filling to get feedback related to an upcoming product or insights on how to improve their services and products. However, giving the forms to customers for filling and collecting the PDF forms is challenging and hard to manage.

There are plenty of people who don’t know how to fill out a PDF form. What they do is print the PDF form, fill the form by hand, send an image of the form or scan it and email it to you. It makes managing and organizing all the information tough.

This is where PlatoForms comes in handy. The software will enable the customers to fill online web forms and mail you the result. If you want to know whether this software is actually helpful or not, read the full review to decide.


What is PlatoForms?

In simple words, it is SaaS developed to solve the issues of filling PDF forms. The software allows you to convert PDF files to create simple and clear online web forms, making it stress-free to fill out the forms. A great thing about this software is that the online web forms come back to you as PDF files containing all the information.

Features of PlatoForms

Here are the features offered by the software.

  • Converts PDF files into online forms
  • Create unique online PDF forms
  • All forms are stored in PDF file format
  • Exceptional cloud drive integration
  • Makes workflow easy
  • Various subscription plans
  • Wide range of add-ons
  • Easily sharable online forms
  • All information is safe and secure
  • Connect 1000+ apps
  • Fill PDF by API
  • Have custom domain
  • Secure data as it is HIPAA compliant

Reasons to Use PlatoForms

There are numerous reasons for using this wonderful software. I have mentioned the most compelling ones.

Provides Files in a Readable Format

PDF is one of the most popular and commonly used file formats that everyone uses across the globe. There are plenty of reasons for using PDF files. It provides a contemporary, simple, and professional appeal. No matter which device you use, you can easily access it from any device, reader, and operating system.

Customize to Create Unique Forms

Thanks to PlatoForms you can provide a unique and finished look to the forms. This is because it supports a wide range of fonts, colors, images, and layouts.

Easy to Fill Online PDF Forms

There was a time when people used to print the form, write on it, scan the form, and send it to businesses. This was a time-consuming and demanding process that people avoided filling out the forms.

The PDF file can be set up as a fillable document. Still, it is better not to send the PDF to your customers. Because not many people know how to fill the document and save it. For people who are not tech-savvy, signing a PDF document can be tricky and confusing. So, this is where you can use PlatoForms.

It is a convenient way to fill a PDF form that is not fillable. With PlatoForms, you can fill online through a browser. Once the form is filled, it will be sent back to you in a PDF file. This makes it easy to store.

PDF Files Can Be Converted into Fillable Forms

PlatoForms provide the best of both worlds. Thanks to this software, you can fill an online form and create a PDF document. The customers will submit the filled forms through a browser and this software automatically create a PDF of the form and send it directly to your inbox.

Once you have converted the PDF file into an online form, you can embed it on your website. Or you can share the URL on your website for end-users.

Make New Online Forms

With PlatoForms, you cannot only fill forms, but you can even create new forms. Make online forms in which you can add fillable fields for numbers, text, dates, and signature. There are three options for creating online PDF forms. You can create online forms from an existing PDF file, from scratch, and create multiple PDF forms.

Using this tool is extremely easy and simple. All you have to do is upload your PDF file and make an online form. By using a drag and drop tool, you can make easily fillable forms. There is an array of field types like checkboxes, and text entry fields. You can create a unique and one-of-a-kind fillable form, add your text and drag it to any place you like in the document.

You can rest assured that the original design of the document will stay intact. Once the form is completed, you can get the file in a PDF format.

Wide Range of Add-on Features

The software provides a wide range of features other than converting PDF to online forms. You can use a single form to create multiple PDFs. There are plenty of add-on features like cloud drive integration, API, workflows, Zapier, flexible notifications, and much more.

Sharing the PDF File

You don’t have to worry about sending the filled form back to the business. After a form is filled, the PDF file can be too big to send as an attachment by email. You will have to compress the file to send it, which is a time-consuming task.

Once the online form is filled and submitted, you don’t have to worry about sharing it. The tool will automatically save the form in PDF format and send it back to the business. This makes it easy to share the PDF.

Secure and Confidential

All the files are safely and securely stored on the server. Only authorized personnel have access to these files. It will help you distribute, collect, sort, and manage the PDF forms without any trouble.

Cloud Storage Access

In this SaaS, you can save files on a cloud drive and easily access files stored on cloud storage. It offers seamless cloud storage integration.

Subscription Plans

A great feature of this software is that you can use it for free. There are different plans that you can choose according to your budget and needs.


In the free plan, you can use it for a lifetime. This plan enables you to create 1 form every month and get 100 submissions. 100M storage space is offered and 2 team members can use this software. It is a good plan for small businesses or startups.


Another plan that you can subscribe to is Bronze. For $12 per month, you get a 7-day free trial with 2 forms in a month. It provides 1,000 submissions along with 10G storage space. The software can be used by 5 team members. It offers 5000 API access, workflows, custom domain, and cloud drive integration.


For $36 a month, you can create 20 forms and get 10,000 submissions. You get access to 100G storage, 50,000 API access, workflows, custom domain, cloud drive integration, and it is HIPAA compliant. This can be used by 20 team members. If you want to give this plan a try, you get a 7-day free trial.


For large businesses, the Gold plan is perfect. It provides 1000G storage space, access to 50 team members, 500,000 API access, 100,000 submissions, workflows, HIPAA compliant, cloud drive integration, custom domain, and 100 forms in a month. You can get all this only in $98 per month. Before subscribing to this plan, you can get a free 7-day trial.

How Does It Work?

When it comes to using the software, it is pretty straightforward and easy. The user interface is intuitive and simple, offering a smooth user experience. All you have to do is upload a PDF file and turn it into an online form. This eliminates the need to install third-party software for converting PDF into a fillable form. With PlatoForms, you can easily fill the form online.

The form builder is simple and convenient to use. You don’t need any special skills for creating a form. With the help of the drag and drop tool, create unique and great-looking forms. The thing I liked is that it will retain the design of the original PDF.

Sharing forms is also easy. You have two options: either embed it on your website or share the URL directly with your customers. Since people are reluctant when it comes to downloading files from the internet, you will not have to worry about downloading the forms. You can easily fill it online and access it. The form will appear just like any other webpage.

Another feature that I loved in this software is that once you submit the form, it will automatically convert into a PDF file. You will get a notification when a customer submits the form.


If the PDF form needs to be filled by multiple people, it can be dreadful and time-consuming. The whole process can even lead to loss of information. This is where workflow feature comes in handy. It will help in breaking down the whole process into steps. The PDF file can easily be transferred to different parties to fill information. This will enable you to have the complete PDF file within minutes.

Create Multiple PDF Files from One Form

Another great feature of the software is that you can create several PDF files from a single form. Now, you will not have to create a new form if you need different information in separate forms. For instance, in one file you need just the name and address, and, in another file, you need a phone number and email address along with name and address. With PlatoForms, you will just need to create a form once and from it, you can create two different PDF files. This simplifies the whole process.


  • You get a free trial before subscribing
  • A hassle-free way to convert PDF files into online forms
  • Create new forms according to your needs
  • Makes it easy to fill PDF forms
  • Sharing the filled-out forms with businesses is extremely convenient
  • It makes filling form by multiple people easy without losing collected information
  • By single form, you can create multiple PDF files
  • Works on all operating system and devices
  • You can manage PDFs and forms from one place
  • With Zapier you can interconnect the apps you mostly use
  • Great cloud drive integration


  • Can be expensive for some businesses
  • Doesn’t work offline, you need internet access to fill forms

A Final Word

Therefore, PlatoForms can help you fill out online forms without any difficulty. This software will help in saving your efforts and time. In addition, it will even help to make the world a better place as the usage of paper will reduce.

PlatoForms is an excellent SaaS that will help you fill online PDF forms in a simple and fast way. It offers a wide range of features to enhance user experience. This will allow you to create online forms from an existing PDF file or from scratch. You can even get access to storage space, could drive integration, API, and many other features. If you have zero-budget, you can subscribe to their free plan.

This software is perfect for making filling out forms simple and manage the collected information without any hassle. What do you think about PlatoForms? Will you use this software to convert pdf to online form? Let us know in the comments below.