Plywood as a Construction Material

By combining the layers of wood veneer, plywood is brought to life. It is a sheet material made up of different layers glued together. With the help of a cross-graining process, you can rotate each layer up to 90 degrees. As a result, it can enhance the strength of the product. The process of cross graining is vital to help plywood resist splitting, minimize expansion, and shrinkage. The highest quality of the plywood sheet does not wrap easily. For that purpose, this process uses an odd number of layers to provide a balanced sheet that will last long.

Do you wonder what the importance of plywood for construction is?

Plywood is widely used as construction material mainly due to its excellent properties. Other materials usually possess some of these properties. On the other hand, plywood comes up on the top of the list with its useful properties for construction. Moreover, plywood is an economical option. Such factory produced sheets have precise dimensions that do not crack or warp easily. Most importantly, it resists atmospheric changes, which is a huge plus.

As a plywood buyer, it is up to you to use varying strength and properties of plywood to meet your construction needs. This high-quality material is, of course, an integral part of any construction project.

Types Of Plywood For Construction

When it comes to construction, four plywood groupings can help you in many ways. You can buy a high-quality product of each grouping from a reliable wholesale plywood supplier in your country.

Structural Plywood

As the name suggests, this type of plywood is used for permanent structural applications. When you opt for construction, you can rely on structural plywood that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Moreover, it can even beat a lot of stress exposure.

These are some of the popular uses of structural plywood:

  •         Internal structures
  •         Subfloors
  •         Wall and roof bracing
  •         Beams
  •         Shipping crates

Exterior Plywood

If you are looking for high-quality material for outdoor use, exterior plywood is a perfect choice. With the help of water-resistant glue, plywood can make the most of your exterior. You can make it more durable by coating it in a fresh finish of the paint. As a result, it can resist elements like the sun. Do you know CDX plywood is the most common grade of plywood for outdoor use?

Here are some of the applications for exterior plywood:

  •         Outdoor floorings
  •         Walls
  •         Stables
  •         Roof linings

Exterior plywood is not restricted to outdoor use only, you can even use it for kitchen countertops and sink.

Interior Plywood

While considering indoor construction, you will obviously choose a material that is durable and adds to the beauty of your home as well. Interior plywood for construction can serve the purpose of aesthetics and durability at the same time. Such material is specifically designed for indoor use. Therefore, avoid exposing it to the outdoor elements as plywood may degrade.

You can use interior plywood for:

  •         Indoor furniture
  •         Ceiling
  •         Interior cladding
  •         Wall linings
  •         Decorative purposes

Marine Plywood

The last but not least, marine plywood is the popular type used for specific purposes. You can use it in the areas that need some major waterproofing. It provides great resistance to high moisture places due to its high-stress grade. It is the best material for the construction of boats. However, when it comes to home construction, you can even use it in your kitchens or bathrooms.

  •         Boats
  •         Docks
  •         Kitchens
  •         Bathrooms

Always choose a professional plywood supplier to make your perfect purchase of marine plywood.


Properties Of Plywood For Construction

High strength

One of the most vital properties of plywood is its high strength. The wood it is made from provides great structural strength. Moreover, it has a laminated design that adds to this property of plywood. As discussed earlier, each veneer is rotated at 90 degrees angle to each other. As a result, plywood becomes split resistant, particularly when nailed at the edges. The other benefit of this rotation is stability. The whole sheet of uniform strength results in increased stability. As compared to other materials, plywood comes up with higher strength to weight ratio. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for plywood buyers when it comes to flooring, shear walls, and webbed beams.

High panel shear

Plywood has a high panel shear due to its odd numbers of layers. As a result, it comes hard to bend. Moreover, you can lay the veneer grains at different angles. You can rotate each grain of veneer at 30 or 45 degrees to each other. It increases the strength of plywood in each direction. It is how this cross lamination increases the plywood’s panel shear.


Professional wholesale plywood supplier provides highest-standard of flexible product. It is manufactured to fit your requirements. Plywood has a varying thickness of its veneer, usually from few millimeters to inches. Moreover, it provides you the flexibility of different numbers of veneers, ranging from three to and so on. As a result, it also influences the thickness of the sheet. With the help of an extra layer, you can add more strength to the plywood. You can opt for thinner veneers to use for ceilings and paneling with increased flexibility.

Moisture resistant

The importance of plywood for construction can be determined by fact that it is completely moisture resistant. For that purpose, plywood is the perfect choice for exterior construction. It comes up with an additional layer of varnish or water repellent adhesive, which plays a vital role in increasing the resistance to moisture and humidity. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications from sheds, cladding to floors. When exposed to water or high temperatures, it does not shrink or rot.

Chemical resistance

Most importantly, when you buy plywood from the best plywood supplier, it does not corrode when exposed to chemicals. Such resistance towards chemicals makes it the perfect material for chemical works and cooling towers.

Fire resistance

Unlike many other construction materials, plywood offers resistance against fire with the help of fire-resistant chemical coating. When combines with non-combustible materials (fibrous cement or plasterboard), it becomes an ideal choice for fire-resistant structures.

Impact resistance

The cross lamination of panels results in high tensile strength of plywood. As a result, it reduces tensile stress by distributing force over a large area. This is how plywood becomes able to withstand overloading. For that purpose, it is widely used in flooring and concrete formwork.

These excellent properties of plywood make it the perfect construction material. Go for CDX plywood if you’re looking for durable finishes to your outdoor space.

Uses Of Plywood As A Construction Material

Do you know plywood is manufactured as softwood and hardwood around the world?

It comes up in a wide range of grades based on its intended use. It is an excellent choice of material for construction. Here are some of the plywood’s uses that can validate this point.

Exterior wall sheathing

When it comes to construction, exterior wall sheathing matters the most. Plywood panels add strength and prevent horizontal and vertical shifting. These are used to fasten each other keeping the frames structure intact. As a result, it performs remarkably under high wind and even during earthquakes. Moreover, this technique of structure provides flexible properties for exterior wall sheathing.

Interior walls

Are you looking for material that can be used for wood paneling and interior framing stud walls?

Certain types of plywood are the perfect choices as compared to any other material. You can opt for highly finished A-graded plywood. It is excellent for facing inwards which can give you a stunning natural wood finish.

Roofing and flooring

For your flooring projects, you can consider high-quality plywood for construction. It is commonly used as a subfloor and many indoor types of flooring. Such panels have edges that help in carrying the required load without any shifting. Moreover, it avoids movement whilst on roofs, which is highly durable and suitable material. Therefore, plywood is the perfect choice for both applications.


If you are looking for cost-effective and practical material for building furniture, look no further than plywood. It is a material that can keep your aesthetic value and practical at the same time. It comes up with a high-grade finish, and you can choose one that best suits your needs. For any furniture project, plywood is, of course, the best choice. From custom dressers to wardrobes, shelves, bookcases, console tables, and many more, there are endless options for its furniture uses.


With the help of plywood, you can make cabinets for kitchens, bedrooms, and other rooms as well. You should go for a quality product to use as backs and sides of cabinets. Plywood of the highest quality is suitable for the cabinets. Most importantly, it can last long and far more durable than any other material.

Other construction uses

Plywood can be used for constructing sheds and detached garages. Moreover, you can use it for concrete forms and temporary floors. When it comes to the construction industry, plywood has many applications due to its unmatched properties.

Some other construction uses of plywood include:

  •         Can be used to make external walls or light partition
  •         To make formwork for wet concrete
  •         Shutters and light doors
  •         To make office tables
  •         Cupboards
  •         And the list goes on!

The endless applications of plywood make it the best choice for buyers. It has a wide range of uses for construction purposes.

Where Can I Buy Premium Plywood?

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Plywood is an outstanding material for construction. Due to its exceptional properties, it is widely used around the world. Only a professional wholesale plywood supplier can ensure providing you a high-quality product for construction. From exterior plywood to interior, structural and marine plywood, it is beneficial for your whole construction project. 

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