Why does your email marketing strategy need email verifying software?


Have you got mountains of letters which have never been responded or at least read? More devastating, what if they have never been delivered to their addressees? Thousands of artfully crafted but still unsent letters look like slipped chances to take your success to the next level… How to change such situations on your behalf? Try https://truemail.io/ email validation service!

Why is an email checker a cornerstone for your promotional success? Its goal is to optimize email lists of people you would like to get in touch with so that each of your letters will never become bounces.

So who can get the most out of mere email verification?

  • CEOs, who dream and breathe business expansion and turn every spare minute in a search for new partners. The more connections you have, the more promising opportunities you will discover, and the more flourishing future you will design.
  • Are you an HR specialist constantly seeking recruiters? If your main priority is to reach a professional at the shortest notice, a checker will show you whether the emails they use are real.
  • An email tool is absolutely indispensable for webmasters! In some cases, during a process of registration at a website, your potential clients can get distracted, and they can mistype some letters in their addresses. That’s why if you add such services right to your registration forms, you will help users to sign up correctly.


However, when it comes to usage, not all validators can delight with brilliant results. Instead, pay attention to the excellent validating program – TrueMail!

Five reasons why Truemail stands out:

  1. Ability to check emails in bulk. From now on you don’t need to type each email one by one – just upload lists with intriguing addresses and receive a complete analysis on what emails are valid, invalid, or even disposable.
  2. Meets the highest software standards: an option of synchronization with your CRM system, automagical duplicate removal, and custom download in any format you prefer. At the same time, TrueMail provides seamless compatibility with any of these online platforms: registration forms, welcoming newsletters, and iOS or Android apps.
  3. Trustfulness. Having collaborated with such tech giants as Google, Cloudflare, Amazon, Oracle, and Deloitte, Truemail proved its ruthless efficiency and great real-time accuracy. As far as millions of addresses pop up and fade away during several seconds, Truemail has no data with frozen contacts. Therefore, every mail you are going to test is refined right at the moment when your inquiry comes.
  4. Super speed. As soon as a verification process is launched, it takes only 10 minutes to process up to 100000 emails.
  5. On top of all that, you can always start with the free trial package: estimate up to 1000 emails just for joining the TrueMail website.


In the era of informational power, knowledge of relevant contact details is of the essence. Otherwise, all your endeavors may end up with a waste of priceless time. Hence get access to TrueMail services and miss no one way to grow!