Problems That Might Occur After Buying a Used BMW Car


When you are shopping for a high-end and luxury car, the first thing in mind must be the BMW, which is known to be one of the best cars in the industry. If you plan to purchase a used one to save, this is beneficial though watch out! While these cars are fun to drive and even better to own, they may come across some issues you should know about.

By being aware of such issues, you can be better prepared for what may come and take it to a BMW servicing center before it’s too late. Read on as I show you common problems to watch out for with a used BMW car.


Problems That May Occur with a Used BMW Car

Investing in a used BMW is quite an exhilarating experience, though it may come with a few minor challenges. Even with the highest standards of quality and engineering, used models can have problems you would encounter, such as:

1. Door Locks

The door lock is probably the most common issue with BMW models. People would come across this issue, noticing that if they lock the car doors remotely, it ends up with one door not being locked.

This will require a professional to fix the problem. Be sure that before you get the car, you check its locks and see if everything works well, trying different ways to lock it.

2. Electronic Issues

 Electronic issues are often experienced by BMW owners over time, with people dealing with problems from their windshield wipers, CCC iDrive, window regulators, among other electrical parts. Such issues would depend on the BMW series you are using.

If you ever purchase a used BMW, do look into its electronics and if everything works as it should. If not, then you may want to have it checked by an auto shop to see how much it would take to remedy the issues, so you know you’re getting the car at the right price.

Check out the console and see if it has any faulty controls, like loose or missing switches, buttons that don’t work, or displays that are either dim or have stopped working at all. While they seem like only minor inconveniences, these may become huge ones that affect your safety, such as the headlights not working once night falls.

Also, you may want to set aside a budget for such electronic issues even if everything seems fine after purchasing your used BMW car. Again, these electronic issues are common and build up over time, so it’s best to be prepared for what may be inevitable.

3. The Engine 

Engine management issues may occur, which is a very serious concern for drivers. Such issues may arise from the injectors, ignition modules, damaged clutch, or poor fuel pumps. If ever this happens, this requires immediate replacement for the vehicle to work properly.

If ever something goes wrong with your engine parts and you prolong its repair, then it may end up with the entire car breaking down!

Besides this, you should watch out for the engine itself, which shouldn’t be oily or dirty, since this may show that it has leaking fluids. The belts and hoses need to be in good condition, not damaged, loose, or leaking anything out.

4.Car Tires

 BMWs with corroded or cracked wheels may produce slow leaks or tire punctures. This is dangerous and may cause accidents. Because you are purchasing a used car, the tires may end up wearing out from their usage before, based on the conditions the wheels drive on, and the overall mileage of the vehicle.

To prevent this from happening, it’s best to have your wheels and tires maintained excellently. The replacement may be needed, depending on the condition of the wheels. There are also many maintenance tips you can follow to keep the wheels and tires in top shape.

5. Window Regulators

 Not all BMWs would experience window regulator issues, fortunately. Certain models such as the BMW-E46, however, may be affected by these problems.

For instance, your windows’ plastic clips would smash down, which causes the inability of your window to move up or down. While it isn’t an expensive repair, it will require hiring a dealer who’s an expert with the BMW series.

6. Cosmetic Appearance

Since you’re purchasing a used car, expect some physical wear and tear, but not too much to the point its resale value has plummeted. Watch out for cracked or peeling woodwork, faded or split upholstery, as well as damaged or faded paint in and out of the car. You should be satisfied with its appearance so you can either live with it or be willing to pay to have some parts restored.

7. Missing Parts or Accessories

A luxury car like the BMW is known for its attention to detail, which is why it’s important to see that the car you’re investing in, comes with all the proper tools and accessories.

It should have the owner’s manual, service booklet, tool kits, jack, and spare tire, along with the extra key remotes and wheel locks or covers.


Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, this article showed you everything you needed to know about the potential issues your BMW might come across with. If you are planning to invest in a used BMW, watch out for these problems and perform a thorough check before you make that big purchase! Good luck and enjoy your new BMW.