With everything going on in the world right now, many children and young adults are choosing to resume their school work from home.

We’ve put together some of the pros and cons of homeschooling to help you better understand the benefits as well as the compromises both children and parents are having to make in 2021.




Families are now in control of the school schedule. If early mornings don’t work for you or your child then the school day can start at a time that suits everyone. If shorter lessons tend to hold your child’s attention span, then homeschooling sessions can be tailored to suit their needs. Unlike school, where a blanket teaching style and timetable is made to fit everyone, homeschooling allows parents and children to work together to figure out what educational routine works best for them.

1:1 Teaching Support

Many parents who are choosing to homeschool their children – whether in the short or long term – are choosing to enlist the help of an online or in-person tutor.

Online tuition has skyrocketed in recent months, as parents are coming to terms with the difficulties of handling the more challenging subjects (such as maths, physics and chemistry) as their children’s syllabus gets more advanced. Additionally, parents have enrolled their children to h2 chemistry tuition classes in order for the students to easily understand and remember chemistry concepts, and prepare for their A-level chemistry examinations.

Parents who have been able to take time off work to support their child’s learning needs have been able to replicate the role of a private tutor, ensuring their children receive the support and attention they need to progress in their studies as well as learning what teaching styles work best for them.

The online tutoring platform Tutor House, who provide personalised online tuition to students worldwide, has seen a massive increase in demand for their homeschooling services as a result of the pandemic. 

The nature of 1:1 tuition better ensures that children are not left behind as a result of learning from home and has been proven to be the best method to improve student grades. The additional attention and support of a 1:1 lesson, whether that be from a parent or tutor, can do wonders for a child’s confidence, helping them to develop better self-esteem as well improved independent thinking, logic and reasoning skills. 

Advanced EdTech

Some might say that the pandemic has hit at the best time for students. Learning remotely and being homeschooled doesn’t mean you are disconnected from your peers and teachers. Children can still be assessed via online means, they can take part in zoom classes and maintain a healthy relationship with their school friends whilst they are temporarily homeschooled. 

With the advanced technology available, children are able to engage with innovative learning tools, educational games and virtual classrooms. This has made students more readily motivated to learn. Teachers and tutors have found it better to embrace technology rather than try to force traditional classroom methods into their remote teaching. 



Distracting environments

Not all students will be provided with a peaceful environment to conduct their studies. If you are homeschooled and have siblings, you may be competing against them for the attention of a parent, space and resources. 

Homelife may become hard to separate from homeschool life, meaning at times it can be hard for both parents and students to unwind and find a healthy work/life balance. 


Lack of Resources

Some families are not fortunate enough to have multiple laptops, tablets or computers. Many families who feel that they cannot reenter the public school system in fear of the easily transmittable virus, are burdened with the reality of having to provide sufficient education for their children. 

We often take for granted these days that everyone has a phone, access to the internet and a wealth of resources at their fingertips. It’s important to therefore consider those that have been worst hit by the pandemic and whose homeschooling journey has not been quite so idyllic. 


Limited Social Interaction

This is a familiar worry for all homeschoolers and is particularly apparent now that social distancing is recommended. Unless you find and join a solid homeschooling community online it’s very difficult for your child to find the time to engage in the social activities that they need to develop their social skills as well as control their emotions. 

Perhaps homeschooling for a limited period of time, as many are at the moment, is the best of both worlds, giving some children the opportunity to take a break from the daily stresses of anxiety, peer pressure and grade expectations, that come with going to school. Homeschooling will always be a contentious subject and one that undoubtedly will remain as such for years to come.