Bitcoin has a mysterious history. Even after a decade has passed, we are yet to know about its originators. After its first appearance in the market, Bitcoin has been disruptive. Over time, it has received hefty backing from some of the top leaders. At the same time, harsh criticism.

Those in support of Cryptocurrency believe that Cryptocurrencies hold the potential to become the next mainstream currency, while blockchain holds the potential to become the core technology of every industry.

However, those in the opposition and are being skeptical about the whole existence of teh Cryptocurrencies believe that it will invite terrorism, money launderers, and other illegal activities. In fact, after China halting all its Cryptocurrency trades and investment, Cryptocurrency’s reputation is taking hits.

We already support or have a positive saying on Cryptocurrency. But today, we will talk about people who take a negative stand in the existence of Cryptocurrencies.


Global Leaders With Negative Stand On Cryptocurrencies

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These complications of the Crypto trade market have grabbed the attention of few critics. Who are they? Let’s find out.

1. David Garad

David Garad’s hatred for Cryptocurrencies is quite biblical. It is to the point that even if he is suffering from a disease and Satoshi Nakamoto is the only one with medicine; he would simply refuse it due to its principle. He is skeptical of all the Cryptocurrencies, but skepticism reaches another level whenever Bitcoin’s name is brought up.

David has always been skeptical of Bitcoin and came to the frame after his blog “Attack On 50 Foot Blockchain”. You can even find his work on Foreign policy, where he carves Bitcoin blogs in the most unpredictable fashion.

2. Nouriel Roubini

Nouriel Roubini, also known as Dr. DOOM, is the new poster boy for having Bitcoin from his guts. His proclamation doesn’t need any repetition; his words are a pendulum that keeps going in the same direction. Robin is highly active against fraudulent ICOsand is taking extra measures to remove things that are not needed on the Blockchain network.

However, Roubini has some good words to say in favor of CBDCs. But we all know that no matter how good Central Bank Digital Currencies are, it will never replace decentralized Cryptocurrencies.

3. Paul Krugman

Roubini is not the only economist who struggles to understand the economy of Bitcoin. Paul Krugman shares this position. If you do not know who Paul Krugman is. Let me tell you that this was the man who foreseen the future and predicted that the internet’s impact on the global economy would be no greater than that of fax machines.

In his interview with New York Times, Paul stated that “Bitcoin Is Evil.” Since then, he has been a profound skeptic of Bitcoin.

4. Warren Buffet

Who doesn’t know Warren Buffett? Even after being a successful investor and a farsighted person, he is not on board with the whole Crypto investment thing.

According to CNBC, the Berkshire Hathaway CEO, Warren Buffet, warned the new investors not to enter the crypto trade market. According to Buffet, it is just a mirage. While Buffet accepts the convenience Cryptocurrency brings, he cannot be convinced about Cryptocurrency being a secured investment asset.

5. Jamie Dimon

When it comes down to Cryptocurrency, you will find that CEO Jamie Dimon is the most heated people out there. According to Bloomberg, he released a statement that he is willing to fire his employees if they are found investing in Cryptocurrency on the grounds of stupidity.

Well, what can you expect from a person whose bread and butter comes from multinational banking from the US dollars? Dimon is convinced that Bitcoin Investment will not end well.



When people come across something new, they tend to keep a distance from them. The same thing happens with Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is fairly a new technology that makes people conscious of its security measures.