Pros and Cons of Panel PC

Panel PCs are also known as industrial PCs. They have been around for over three decades now and are considered to be the ultimate computers. There is a lot to them that makes them the perfect choice. They were made to actualize the potential of computing power. Today, panel PCs have come a long way and have a lot to offer. There is nothing that you cannot do with them. However, it is important to understand that they use the same technology as any other desktop computer. But, they are a lot more durable and rugged. Hence, they are definitely worth getting.

Although industrial computers come in various forms, panel PCs are the most popular option as they integrate both monitor and PC to provide a solid state of the art industrial computer. This means that a panel PC has fewer moving parts in comparison to a regular PC. The thing about industrial computers is that they are designed to provide a controlled environment with the best equipment to survive the plant floor.

The fact is that there are plenty of benefits of using a panel PC. It can withstand excessive dust and water and is a lot more reliable. But, you cannot count on it for flexibility. Reliability is the main requirement of industrial PCs. It is due to this reason that there is a need to test different components to find what works best for you. The PCs possess amazing memory and processing capabilities that you simply cannot expect from a standard PC. To help provide you with a better idea about what to expect from a panel PC, its pros and cons are mentioned below.


Pros of Panel PCs

  1. Extremely Powerful

One of the best things about panel PCs is that they are extremely powerful. Nothing truly compares to them. You cannot expect to find a better PC in the market even if you tried. If you are on the lookout for a PC that can handle all your requirements such as visiting pragmatic slots, a panel PC might just be what you need. It has a lot to offer and is not something that will let you down. The moment you use a panel PC, you will be amazed by its performance. It will allow you to try out just about everything.

  1. Offers a Higher Temperature Range

Another pro of a panel PC is that it provides a much higher temperature range when it comes to operations. It is a much better option than any other type of computer out there because of this reason alone. It is able to tolerate higher temperatures which makes it a great option when on the lookout for a computer for a factor, workspace, or even at home. Similarly, gamers simply cannot go wrong with it. After using the panel PC for a long time, you would still not need to worry as it has many cooling options such as conduction, forced air, and liquid.

  1. Comes with Robust Features

A great thing about the panel PC is that it has added robust features that will keep you satisfied. You will find it to be more efficient and functional than other types of options in the market. Besides, the computer has extra protection as it is immersion proof, dustproof, and water spray proof. In fact, it even has a timer that will help you set the system automatically and ensure that it closes at the desired time. Moreover, it can also withstand particles, vibrations, and random shock. Thus, a panel PC is more reliable and efficient and is just what you need for industrial applications. Besides, there are even models that do not have a fan which ensures that you do not have to worry about any noise.


Cons of Panel PCs

  1. Rugged Touchscreen

The main con of a panel PC is that it has a rugged touchscreen. It can be more costly to replace in comparison to the screen of a normal computer. You might not even find the rugged touchscreen to be attractive and it could even make things look out of place. But, its rugged touchscreen is what allows you to get more done. You can count on it to perform more tasks and put the computer to better use.

  1. Expensive

Another con of a panel PC is that it costs more than a normal PC. This means that you would need to be willing to spend more money to get your hands on it. If you have a tight budget, you might struggle to purchase a few panel PCs. However, the reason why the panel PC costs more is that it has additional features and components which you cannot expect to find in a normal computer. Companies that do not have the resources might not be able to get panel PCs and would have to stick to a standard computer. As panel PCs cost more money to purchase, they are also more expensive to repair. This can be bothersome if you have limited funds and are unable to get the PCs repaired due to the high cost involved.

  1. Large

In addition to the above, something that many people do not like about the panel PC is that it is huge. Most of the panel PCs that are available in the market occupy a lot of space. This means that they are not the best option if you do not have sufficient space at the office. Therefore, it would not be suitable in case of a limited area. Setting up the panel PCs at the workspace also requires more money. You would need to be willing to spend more money on creating the perfect space for the computers.


After you have finished reading our post, you will know the pros and cons of a panel PC. Although panel PCs have some cons, their pros easily outweigh them. If you have the money and the means, you should definitely get panel PCs. They are absolutely amazing.