Eight Places Where You Can Pay With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are everywhere now, and there’s no point in fighting them. Digital currencies are leaving the internet’s fringes for good. Now, massive companies in all niches are opening their businesses to this new payment method. There are countless ways to spend your cryptos safely, from coffee shops to auction platforms. Keep reading to find out more. 


A Tool for Every Trade

Cryptocurrencies have taken the e-commerce world by storm. Now it’s such a popular payment method that there are even free plugins for personal pages, where people can make payments or donations. Also, more online players now use cryptocurrency in gambling. Follow our guest specialist, Maunu Seppinen, for more information on the subject. 

The online casino market also benefits greatly from cryptos. After all, it’s a safer, cheaper, and anonymous way of making deposits and withdrawals. Crypto users can check where to spend cryptocurrency in a casino at netti kasinot and gain a better understanding of how they’re used in the industry. 


Last November, Mastercard announced the creation of a crypto-wallet that allows users to sell, buy, and hold cryptos. Additionally, they offer loyalty use programs. For this venture, the credit card behemoth partners up with Bakkt Holdings Inc. This platform was established in 2018 by Intercontinental Exchange, an NYSE-owner company. 


One of the most popular e-wallets worldwide, PayPal is now venturing with cryptos. The new digital wallet allows users to buy, sell, and store many different cryptos. However, at present, the service is only available in the United States. Earlier this year, the company announced that British users could also trade Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum.


The traditional auction house is going fully digital, working with cryptos and NFTs. One of the most outstanding transactions involved a rare diamond with 101 carats. The gem was sold for €10.4 million, paid in Bitcoins. Sotheby is very selective with its cryptos, though. The house only accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum when traded by specific exchange wallets, such as Coinbase.

AXA Insurance

The Swiss broker giant decided to accept cryptos when they realised that almost a third of their clientele was between 18 and 55. AXA Insurance is one of the few companies in this market accepting cryptos as a payment method for monthly bills. The company partners with Bitcoin Suisse, which converts those digital assets into Swiss Francs.


The tech giant also invests in cryptocurrencies. Bill Gates’ company now accepts this payment method for several services, like Skype and Xbox Live. Microsoft has also launched a blockchain-based system named ION. This system is a two-layered authentication platform, which creates and validates digital IDs. 


Jeff Bezos’ company doesn’t take cryptos directly just yet. Still, it’s possible to buy Amazon vouchers via platforms like Bitrefill. Crypto users can expect the company to do so soon. In fact, Amazon and Facebook are teaming to create their own crypto. Such a partnership inspires great expectations. As of yet, there are no clear predictions on when this new digital asset will hit the market.


Did you know that you can pay with cryptos for your favourite drinks in this international coffee chain? Once again, Bakkt is an essential partner. The system worked on an invitation-only method during its trial stage. Now, the company says over 500,000 are using this payment method regularly. 



This is a very short list containing the biggest companies that are turning their attention to the crypto world. Countless businesses and platforms are dealing with crypto. In countries like Turkey and Nigeria, even small street businesses accept them. Yet, by looking at how the giants behave about cryptos, we can have an idea about how much it’ll be part of our lives in the near future.