The family is very important to nation building. There are several cases of divorce among the people today. The majority of the marriages of today do not last the expected distance. There are many issues responsible for the high rate of divorce in our world of today. The fact is clear that nobody plans to fail in marriage; ask any couple in marriage; they will express the desire that they want their union to last the distance.

Despite the sad occurrences of marriage break-ups; there are some marriages that are still waxing strong. It is as if the bond gets thicker with every day of the week. What might be responsible for this? We shall be considering some of the factors that are responsible for maintaining a happy married life. They are time-tested and proven secrets for a blissful Matrimony.



This is not gotten overnight. It is something you are going to develop over a long period of time. It takes years to build trust among spouses. When you promise you are going to do something and you maintained a consistent behavior over a period of time; then you will gradually build up trust in your partner. You should be a man or woman of your words; if you are able to maintain discipline in this regard; then your spouse will naturally take you for any of your words without any form of doubt. That is secret number one towards ensuring cohesion in the marriage.



There should be no double standards of any sorts in a marriage if you want to last the distance. Say it the way it is; any attempt to make some cover-up will lead to regrets because there is nothing done in the secret that will not see the light of day. Do not allow any form of pressure to push you to do or say something you know is not the truth. Honesty in every dealing in marriage no matter how small or big is essential to sustaining the bond of marriage.



There should be no communication gap in the union. Where the platform of communication is not fully exploited; there are bound to be problems in such unions. Every aspect of the family should come up for discussion under an atmosphere of sincerity. Talk about the welfare of the children if the union has been blessed with children. Mention how you wish to handle their finances and make sure you do not leave any stone unturned.

What should be the target for the year; the next six months? Issues concerning set goals and aspirations should be thoroughly thrashed out and efforts should be made at arriving at a common front that is agreeable to all and sundry.

When you are making plans; there may be disagreements during the course of communicating how you want things to work out. If such arises; do not allow it to degenerate into the big issue. Try to iron out the knotty issues. If there is no common ground to agree; then take a break and come back to it at another opportunity but not more than a space of one week. If possible; go on a picnic which will present the atmosphere to discuss the issues.


No To Selfishness

Another cancer that is destroying most marriages today is selfishness. The average human being is selfish; the desire for comfort for sale is there in everybody. The antidote to it is selflessness. Consider your spouse in every singular decision that you will take. Place the interests of your spouse above your own personal interests. Most of the credible matrimonial sites will teach lessons on this.