Dating inside your own race exclusively can be a limiting experience. By dating people outside of your race, you open yourself up to all new kinds of experiences, as well as new perspectives on the same old things. This does not even mention the fact that you can meet a whole lot of great people, without caring about what color their skin might be.


Staying with the Same, or Trying Something New

It is human nature to be balancing precariously on the ledge of either doing the same thing again and again or doing something that is totally different. In the case of dating within your own race, this is natural, but it can end up being detrimental to you. There are other races that can be as much, or even more, fun to hang out with.


When you date the same old race, you have a tendency to date the same old people. You also have a tendency to get jaded. After all, it seems artificially limiting for you to cut out a significant portion of the population, just because they happen to look different from you.


Artificial Limitations

If you are of African descent, and you only date people from your own race, you are cutting out a significant portion of the population. Why would you want to artificially limit yourself, when some great people might be right around the corner? No matter what you are looking for, looking through a larger list of people is a far surer way of finding it.


By the same token, if you are Caucasian and only date members of your own race, you are still limiting yourself for no rational reason. You are cutting out a valuable source of potential dates, and even your potential soul mate if you believe in such a thing. Adding more races to the list of potential dates you are willing to go out with can only help you.


Opening Up Perspectives

Often, the different races live different lives from one another. This leads to the different races developing differing worldviews from each other. This also tends to lead to the different races seeing the same situations in completely different lights. This tends to happen when people stick too closely together and end up with no differentiation in their thought processes.


When you spend time with a different group of people, it is only natural that your worldview will start to shift somewhat. Even if you do not agree with the other people, you at least see that their views may have some merit, at least given their circumstances. This is both a lesson in how to work with other people and in how to appreciate dating different groups of people. What is on the outside only has so much influence over what is on the inside.


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