Psychics Explain Why People End up Blocking or Ghosting in the World of Dating

The word “ghosting” meant something completely different in the last decade. However, as the popularity of online dating options increased, the word took a new meaning. Its significance blew up around 2015 when it was used and explained by the popular sources of the printed press, including The New York Times.

To those who are still unfamiliar with the current meaning of the word, ghosting is the digital equivalent of someone ignoring or not calling after a date. It can happen after chatting, a few dates, or even after having sex. Sound familiar?

The Psychic Viewpoint

Psychic experts say the concept behind ghosting is not new to the dating world and has existed in modern society for quite some time. However, the instances were not as widespread, as it is today. Relationship psychics say that they often deal with people who have been blocked or ghosted and wonder why it keeps happening to them.

In fact, several psychics have written about similar issues in the mystic blog. They also say that several of their clients confess to ghosting other people due to deeply rooted problems that affect their ways of handling relationships. They simply lose interest after a certain point and end up ghosting the other person.

The best online psychics listed on PR Newswire tell us that such people may feel a little guilty about doing it all the time, but they do not think that it is morally incorrect. They know that there can be no repercussions due to the lack of common friends, so ignoring them is preferable to having messy and awkward conservations.

Online Dating Psychology

The concept may sound strange and unfamiliar to most adults today, but it feels more comfortable for the younger generation. Psychics think that the probable reason is that in the digital world, it is as easy to meet someone new through one of the multiple available avenues.

Unlike the earlier days, when you had to wait a long time before you could start dating someone new, online dating is a fast-paced world, where if you don’t feel entirely happy with one option, you move on to the next one. Psychics tell us that the psychology of swiping has extended to dating life as well. If someone doesn’t like someone anymore, they can just swipe left and be done with the person.

Sign of Cowardice

Relationship psychics have often noticed that ghosting is common with people who lack the courage to admit it when they are wrong. There might have been a difference of opinion between two people, which resulted in behavioral misconduct.

Usually, it is the person who misbehaves that ends up blocking the other person. Psychics also tell us that these people often go through an internal struggle to convince themselves of the justification of their actions.

Affect on Relationships

Love psychics say that the new age dating practices like ghosting are affecting the way the current generation handles relationships. Most of them feel alienated with the concept that they can nurture a relationship to develop and deepen over time. 

For them, relationships are yes or no deal. They do not understand that attraction can grow with time, and they can work towards making a relationship work when they hit an obstacle. When they face any disagreement in their romantic life, it is time to discard it and look for a new one.

Indecent and Passive-Aggressive

Unfortunately, what these people do not realize is that they might be hurting the person they are ghosting. Psychics tell us that a lot of their clients feel perplexed and cannot understand what they did wrong. The person who gets ghosted cannot attain closure, which affects their confidence and self-esteem severely.

Several of these clients start to wonder if they are the ones who are doing something wrong in their dating lives. They also keep wondering what they could have done to get things right but have no answer for it. The worst thing is that people who ghost others do not realize that they are subjecting others to emotional cruelty.

Relationship psychics tell us that it is worse for people who already had lower self-esteem in the first place. Sometimes they have a traumatic reaction when they get ghosted by someone they like.

Psychics agree that ghosting is an indecent offspring of the current online dating world that affects millions of people. It is a passive-aggressive form of treating emotions like a disposable commodity, which people can use and throw as they like.

If someone is not happy to continue a relationship, the least they can do is inform the person, even if they do not wish to provide an explanation. The simple gesture can save someone who has been ghosted from unnecessary emotional turmoil.