In today’s world, everything has been changed and come a long way from what it used to be a couple of years ago. From clothing trends to electronic models to furniture designs, you will find a huge difference between old and new versions. Likewise, display screens have undergone significant modifications and flexible display screen have recently taken over the market by storm. Though, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should own one as well. If you are tight on budget or don’t feel the need to upgrade of these display screens, then there is no need to invest on them.

But, what if you have a big event coming and there has to be an LED screen for some reason. How are you going to fulfill this need? First of all, don’t panic, there is always a solution of every problem. Since you cannot arrange the money to buy a brand new screen, all you need to do is to rent one from a trusted service provider who can also deliver at your doorstep.

Reasons to Rent an LED Screen

If you are not convinced by the idea, then here are some reasons to make up your mind for this:

  • Better Visibility: One of the finest features of LED screens is its long-distance visibility. Its imaging and brightness should be efficient enough that audience can clearly see and receive the message far away from the screen. Also, the clarity and smoothness should be equal for everyone, no matter what is the distance from the rental LED display.
  • Multi-Purpose Display: If you are planning to add printed backdrops to make the place more attractive, don’t execute it since the LED screen can get it done efficiently. This type of display screen prides for creating multiple content as per the requirements of the event. Whether you want to show presentations, live camera, videos, sponsor ads or give instructions, everything is possible with just one thing.
  • Advertising: Gone are the days when you had to use static banners for advertisement. Today, rental LED display screens have taken over these responsibilities. They have proved themselves dedicated and true to their words. You can rely upon them to run promotional videos without facing dead air scenarios.
  • Customization: Flexibility has turned out to be another promising feature. You are free to choose from horizontal or vertical orientation; even, the size and shape can be customized as per your requirements. You can either have a backdrop wall or small pieces to join at the venue. All you need to do is to find stage designs with display screens so that the rest of the arrangements can be done accordingly.
  • Better Impact: Rental LED display screens are so efficient that they can bring a huge difference in the feel of your event. They can keep the guests engaged and entertained for a longer time period. You can apply for your creativity on their placement or performance for better impact. Apart from great lighting and sound, clarity of image, placement and smoothness is enough to convince you for choosing it.

Now that you have many reasons to purchase rental LED display screens, you shouldn’t waste time any longer. Just search for a good display screen and make an investment.


What is a good rental led display in market?

DOITVISION Matrix 500series has a wide range of pixel pitch and brightness, applications for indoor and outdoor. Pixel pitch from 2.6mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm for indoor and 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm for outdoor purpose. Powered by the Novastar A4/A5/A8 receiving card, bring the high quality and grayscale visual effects.

Quality first, keen price

Matrix 500 series laser focus on quality by utilizing the branded raw materials from every small piece of component, such as Alpha soldering paste, copper Deposition pcb, gold plating connector pins, certified power supply units, high standard cables, which are invisible in specifications.

User-based and user-friendly.

Matrix 500 made all things simple and handy, cancellation of flanking handles but positioning in the mid of the cabinet alongside with the pre-locking system makes single man installation super easy.

Modular design, one platform, all pixel pitches

The whole Matrix 500 series for all pixel pitch, share the same Modular panel frame equipped with power and controlling box, connectors, only LED modules are different.

Creative installation

Matrix 500 supports curve installation of concave / convex, max 15 degrees.